Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween weekend~!!

On Friday, the Chicago gyaru's and I went down to Indianapolis for a Midwest Halloween Gal Event hosted and created by Kaizo!
Midwest Gyaru ready for traveling!
Galaxxy, L.A., Ella

Rest Stop at Macdonalds
Our first food stop during our trip!

There was Danielle, L.A., Mama Kai, Galaxxy, Krystal, Ella, Rishi,  and also the gentlemen of the group: Tak, Jordan,and Bryan.

Gyaru group picture
blurry pic...
Danielle,Galaxxy,La,Rii,Krystal,Mama Kai~

We shared one room;two beds, one floor and one crappy bathroom, but it was pretty decent because the event went through instead of flop badly. And it was pretty nice hanging out longer with the gals I know on facebook and such.
I also bought my first pack of mojitos and my first beer at a restuarant also. go me!!
It was also fun driving and following each other on the roads and just going somewhere. It was like a gang of gyaru!!! ...that drove cars instead of motorcycles lol. but it was so exciting and we had good times.

on saturday and a bit of sunday, we did some shopping too.

I bought snacks,

Shrimp ChipsMilkita

Japanese sweetsJapanese Style Noodle
noodles for making ramen. need some more ingredients for it though.

two bracelets


(Danielle and I bought matching ones!!)

two pairs of lens,fake glasses, and a pair of lashes. Also recieved my phone package in the mail!! I have the Intercept phone now. Pretty cool. I can type japanese on it so thats really what  I wanted most of all!! I can even have the ringtones *I* want lol
Krystal bought a ranzuki mag the other day that had a set of lashes; top and bottom. she took the bottom half, and she gave the top half to me. I think they are pretty cute for  subtle make ups
 but doesn't show up too well with heavier liner.


  1. It seems like it was so much fun!! I wish my work didn't always interfere with my social life TT__TT

    And that second bracelet is amazing!!! <3

  2. What's that 3rd snack?

  3. the third snack is like a red bean filled pastry. :)

  4. Lisha I told you that "Cross" bracelet was a good pick! <3


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