Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wicker Park Block Party

Some of my old crew from my high school days and I went out to Wicker Park on Saturday to show some support to one of their friends from Columbia. I haven't been to the Silver Room since sometime last year for an art show.  

Maybe its just me, but I noticed that they tend to carry a lot of Afrocentric goods there 
 along with jewelry and art pieces. 

Though there were various other "stages" at the back of the Silver Room, I stayed over here chillin with friends. 

The Crew! Aerin (dreads) looks very mischievous here. lol
After grabbing a slice of pizza and chatting it up with friends, we rode to Second City to watch two of my classmates do some sets. While waiting for them to go up, I wanted to see if I could do something like that one day. But then I remembered I am not a comedian, LOL. 

This place has birthed and helped sculpt a lot of todays popular and well known comedians.Some of them are Tina Fey, Joan Rivers, and Steve Carrell just to name a few.  If you want to laugh or make others laugh, defo swing by here with friends! 

No lens cuz I ran out of cleaner.
Coord. Denim Casual

1442 N Milwaukee Ave, 
Chicago IL 60622

1616 N Wells St. 
Chicago, IL 60614

Friday, July 18, 2014

Torn but Moving Forward

Its been a weird couple of years. Though a lot of activity from my part has slowed down, save for attending some anime cons and a few events here and there and some blogging and article writing for Galvip and pix for SugarGamers, I plan to do a bit more for a lil while I think...

With about 7 derpy years under my belt in the gyaru comms, the highs and lows of (gyaru) circle life and trying to keep it together (I get really passionate about things at times :P ), the highs and lows of young adulthood regardless of being in a subculture, not knowing what I REALLY wanted to do in college or out of it{professionally speaking}, helping make events and promoting them while at times burning out, its still a bit to process even after all this time. Allthewhile doing so, I am still trying to push forward as fast while wondering if I should try and slow down and rest. Can't do nothin if I'm not at my best.

I was told to (and also a part of me wanted to) stop with all my extracurricular activities and focus on my art career.{what am I, a lil kid still? haha}

That would mean:
NO blogging
NO events
NO gyaru related anything
prolly no more conventions

But then a part of me wants to still do it, but tie it into what I've learned at Columbia through the Graphic arts programme. I can see it, a faint vision, kinda fuzzy still, a bit patchy. It makes me smile, but then I wonder if its even worth it.
A few pictures of gal me2s over time, from about '09-'14

I know things will not be the same as the highs during those years, that maybe circle life just isn't a thing, but they were cherishable memories to me. Time moves on,things change, people come and go, shit happens, you learn from it, even if some of the memories still sting, you try and get over it.

Its no use livin' in the past, though I find myself doing that maybe all the time. So, I try to focus on the present and look forward to a brighter future. What does the future bring?  Maybe its one that sparkles and shines like rhinestone studded nails that barely allow you to function, and more glamorous than any sujimori-ed weave to grace any gal's head.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Breaking the Habit: No More Workoholic, More Beach

Besides the Watertower, I really like this building.
After reading a few article about Workaholics, I had to take a step back to evaluate my naughty habit of trying to keep busy almost all of the time. Yes, the first time I tried to relax during a month break from work and being officially done with school I had a panic attack. Lame, right?

Even an old teacher had asked why I wasn't taking a year off to do practically nothing after college. And all I could think of  was 'that is bizarre... why would I do that?' You do that before you graduate, then you bust your ass to try to pay off everything. 

But...did I miss a memo or something?

Fall lip colour test
So, on Wednesday, I decided to just chill in downtown Chicago. I checked out the WaterTower mall first after a quick lunch. Katie wanted me to try a purple/lilac lip shade from Smashbox. After trying various purple shades, I settled on a natural shade, "Sugar Cane".  I might also see what the fuss is about non drugstore make ups! 

A doorman/security guard wanted me to come into the jewelry
shoppe that was near Oak Street Beach. 
Some of the pieces were beautiful, and their main motif is the quatrefoil for good luck, prosperity, health, and love. I favored the pieces with black onyx. 

Glass art and timepieces.
Bountiful clovers.

 I grabbed their catalog to check out their pieces while I am at home.
I really liked their bag. I am a sucker for nice shopping bag design. 

Rather be doing some sort of work. LOL

Human Gazing
 As I buried my feet in the cool sand, I gazed off into the sky or watch kids play catch with a football. 
I could get used to this... I think.

Stopped here for a little Italian treat.

Choco + Hazelnut gelato

Being busy (or "busy") all the time isn't a good thing. You are most likely wasting energy and maybe just doing filler if you can't stand doing-nothing-at-all time. I know from experience. Its nice to take a break every once in a while and recharge and cool down.

Ciao Ciao