Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Super Gyaru Weekend

A few weekends ago, Eteria of Champagne Pop wrapped up another Harajuku Fashion Walk in the City of Chicago. It was a sweltering day, but the participants, decked out from head to toe to make the meet up and make a fashionable impression from the WaterTower to Millenium Park.

Friends and supporters, and even local camerapeople were there showing their appreciation of the event. Passerbys were astounded, some even wanting pictures with some of the stylish participants.

The weekend was concluded with a gal styled karaoke party and sleepover.

Stay tuned on the LishaMisha22 instagram, and twitter for upcoming events, panels, official merch and moments from behind the Gyaru Fashion blog of Chicago.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Super Fashionable Weekend!

The time til Champagne Pop's Super Gyaru Weekend is fast approaching! 

Anime Midwest was just last weekend, marking the time left that participants and planners have for the Super Gyaru weekend and the upcoming Harajuku Fashion Walk. 

Currently rererelearning the Night of Fire para para to perform sometime on Saturday. It was pretty cool to practice together with Sandra and Eteria. I think I may have caught parapara fever again.... oh noes! 

Everyone is finalizing their outfits and hairstyles and I am still contemplating what I can throw together, Should I pile on the accessories, or go minimal?  Bold hair colour, or a natural colour? So many options, so little time!!!!!! 

Can't wait to meet new gals, lolita lovers, and other alternative fashion enthusiasts at the Harajuku Fashion Walk!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Gyaru Clothes Sale!

I am cleaning out my wardrobe again, and making room for new things.

I have some gyaru brand here and there. Though I loved the aesthetic of my old gyaru centrique days, my style has changed up a bit again!

The funds will go to camera equipment to snap more pictures of Alternative and Jfashion in the Midwest.

I accept paypal only and ship within the US.

banba rokku gladnews fashion style
Glad News top 20$
dolly+ grey
Golds Infinity pale yellow top

Golds tag

gyaru clothes for sale
Golds Infinity pale yellow dress with black lace