Friday, June 17, 2016

Clothes Sale!

I am cleaning out my wardrobe again, and making room for new things.

I have some gyaru brand here and there. Though I loved the aesthetic of my old gyaru centrique days, my style has changed up a bit again!

I accept paypal only and ship from the USA.

banba rokku gladnews style
Glaf News top 20$
dolly+ grey
Golds Infinity pale yellow top

Golds tag

gyaru clothes for sale
Golds Infinity pale yellow dress with black lace

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Party All Night

This weekend was jampacked with events and parties.

I started off the weekend at a yacht party, chatting and meeting new people and getting to know a few I met at a previous event. It rained quite a bit on Friday but it did not stop the wonderful time riding past the gorgeous buildings that were lined up by the river and added a touch of the dramatique to the fashion show.

There were also Dior models showcasing beautiful designs that piqued my interest (you can catch a snippet on my IG) .

After the yacht party, Cartoon's party and I made our way to Parliament, then Time for the amazing after party in River North. 🍸

Saturday Night Live

I got to play and experience indie games Woman Made Gallery hosted by Keisha of Sugar Gamers. The merging of an art space with indie games and tech themed art was a perfect combination.

Until next time!

Friday, May 27, 2016


Acen was just last week, and I enjoyed myself. I met up with friends, took in lots of advice from Erica Lindbeck, Patrick Seitz and Eteria's panels that I attended, and spent time with my friends.

I even had fun helping finalize outfits, and tweaking hair and make up!

The weekend wasn't too wild or crazy, but I enjoyed myself!