Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dreams Gone Awry

So, for a very long time, I have wanted to go to gyaru events that were not hosted by the circles I was a part of: Diamond in conjuction with Black Cherry members, and also Gal*Luxy. I also wanted to meet new gals or people who were interested in the fashion or even parapara.

I guess I kinda got that wish, you guys and gals.  I went to the Harajuku Fashion Walk and also attended other Jfash oriented events thrown and hosted by others.

On one hand:

happy lisha
  • I LOVE IT! I am a guest at someone else's event, and I feel like I can chill a bit more.
  • Its a bit of a surprise too, when you think about it! 
  • I get to help out a bit with my blog to help show readers from all over the world on what cool things happen in my city or where I visit. WHICH IS SUPER FUCKIN AWESOME for me.

On the other hand....

Pissed Lisha
  • New people can cause the stress of FOMO. Fomo is "fear of missing out". I have been invited to numerous events in Chicago that I can't possibly attend every single one of them on top of work, family, etc, and if they happen on the same day... its even worse! It makes me feel bad because I want to see everyone but I can't be at 2 places at once....until the day comes where I can clone myself or something....
  • More people can cause tension for whatever reason. (WHY CANT WE JUST GET ALONG &HAVE FUN?! DAYUM!)
  • Miscommunication happens, life happens, shit happens. Things just get stressful and what not at that point.

Its like having some of my wishes granted for the Chicago scene...but like in one of my Galvip cover pages I did for fun... FALL FASHION DRAMA. omg. 

Being a wee bit older, the big sister in me wants to make things right, cuz I view gals a lil younger than me as little sisters. I didn't imagine things would be turning like this, and I honestly thought things would get better and stronger as we aged and got wiser.

This brings me back YEARS ago, when people either didn't care for the drama in the gal community (back in the Ricoche days), wanted more (this is just gonna be a thing so I guess it can't be helped with humans) or wanted there to be a "lets all get along " vibe to things. I was a part of the latter and thought, and still think that we should (at least perhaps the people who have been in the comms for a while) try to band together for something a lil greater than ourselves. True, we get upset about things. We get hurt and make mistakes, get into arguments, etc, but does it have to get that bad?

Maybe I still am naive and optimistic though. 
Regardless of the negative points of my journey through this dream, I was able to meet so many people and chat with them and I thought I would never be able to do that. I was able to get advice for my style ( I still think I need improvement, believe it or nah!), and also help others so they can do the best make up they can. I thought I would never be able to meet some of the people who lived out of state, meet more of my Diamond Gal Sisters, and I am so grateful for being able to meet them that it brings tears to my eyes.

I guess, even though parts of this dream are going odd for me, I just hope that there are better happy endings, and more smiles and good times that outweigh the bad.

Peace out, chocopies!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Northern Illinois Jfashion Meet Up

I was invited to come out to Saturday's event that was hosted by Stellarkei from the Northern Illinois Jfashion Club at Mitsuwa and also Round 1 that recently opened up in Bloomingdale.

Japanese fashion and alternative fashion

We chatted and conversed a bit more as we ate snacks and shared stories at our table. One of the ladies noticed I was knitting after I ate my lunch... something people who are into gyaru fashion aren't necessarily known for!

After eating, we got ready for photo ops to capture our outfits that we wore to the meet up.

Japanese fashion and alternative fashion

kawaii japanese and alternative fashion
Group Photo

Elegant mori kei
kawaii mori kei

Get wild and be sexy
gaijin gyaru
Kiana and Galaxxy looked way too cute! ;-;

Japanese fashion and alternative fashion
Not gonna lie, This jacket was just too cute lol

I'll wear black until they make a darker colour.
kawaii fashion
Something's not quite right...

 Too kawaii to live, too sugoi to die!
too kawaii to live, to sugoi to die
Much better!
 Pastel Cuties
Japanese fashion and alternative fashion

Dapperest fellas

After magazines were bought, lunch eaten, and pictures taken, we headed to the recently opened Round 1 in Bloomingdale to take purikura!
I was so excited to see these beautiful machines, I almost cried in excitement! Though it is not that close to Mitsuwa or Gameworks, or even Chinatown for that matter, these machines were a Godsend and have been long awaited for YEARS for Chicagoans!


"What is this contraption?"

kawaii fashion
They had matching Sailor Moon pendants!

When we had our fill of playing arcade games, trying to win cute plushies, and taking purikura, the rest of the group toured and shopped at various stores in the mall.

Despite the cold weather, it was an enjoyable day out meeting with other (Japanese fashion) and alternative fashion enthusiasts!

You can also check out a few more pix on my instagram here!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

This New Year Eve was celebrated at Murasaki Lounge in Downtown Chicago. The ladies tried various mixed drinks and sweet sake. I of course had my usual Japanese beer, Sapporo! The atmosphere at Muraski was lovely and an awesome choice to ring in the New Year.

The most special thing was that Shidoni was proposed to! It brought tears to my eyes as she looked puzzled as a group of her boyfriend's friends came to the bar, and then as he got on one knee.

AWWW! NYE engaged

Bathroom selfiesss

We stayed til the lounge closed, talking with each other and also clownin with a group of people and gettin in that Japanese Language practice too! After the bar, we headed to complete our shenanigans at Sandra's, Allie's and Sidoni's hotel for our own New Year Hotel Party! We danced para para, sipped sweet wine, chatted, spilled flamin hots, listened to music, and had pizza gifted to us cuz we were just too damn cute and awesome. But, I do question the choice of pineapple and bacon pizza though....Just a little bit. ;p

"let it goooo" Saw Ari too! Her make was fab!

Squad! fly as fuck

goofin off

Photo bombed!! moohahahah!

gyaru. Para para
Para Para Snap



There are more pix that I couldn't nab yet still, but I hope that everyone had a safe and happy new year!