Friday, October 24, 2014

Odd Humanz

So, one day I was texting this guy. Just trying to edge off jitters with perhaps talking with them in person and all of the that. Trying to get on the same page, try to crack a stupid joke... things of that nature.

I understand its great to agree on things or find similarities, but one thing struck me as odd. I felt sure that we would have different tastes in music just because. But upon asking him, he had replied that he liked everything. Or that we agreed on not liking patterns too much and just wore black clothes (I prefer dark colours too, but I try to branch out and try everything once and a while).
Like, you don't have a genre you DON'T like? Hate even? You don't have a fave print that you might wear in moderation?

Just strange strange strange. Strange person I tell ya. Or am I overthinking it?
What was cute though, was how he didn't want to mispronounce my name, (no, not my gyaru alias/nickname, hahahaha). Super cute I think. Pinchies for him.

On the topic of menz, I also find it super cheezy when they have pictures of themselves with their dogs as a prop. Like, gagggg, how cliche can you be? *major eye rolling*

What else is super cliche with men and their pics?
Topless photos or lifting the shirt up to show off abs. <== Super terrible for profile pix!
Pictures of their meat. Like, GROSS. NO NO NO NO NO. I don't even know you and I don't want to see that!

But I think dogs as props and look-at-my-chest pix are the worst.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me


Another year has spun for me. A lot more lessons learned, more music listened to, more steps walked.
Today I'm just trying to chill out. Gelato, cheesecake and pizza in hand, listening to Jhene Aiko and Fka Twigs, trying to just sort out the rest of the day and also the rest of the year. Thinking a big &^#$& you to some things and just trying to soothe my overactive mind. Sometimes I think its a curse to be so creative and also not wall yourself off from people in the process.
Also still looking forward to my second/new job too.

Doctor and even the person who reviews my portfolio tells me to chill out and to be kind to myself. Like, damn... have I been that hard on myself and stressing that much lately? Its not like I don't have a reason not to, but gah...
Well, I'm gonna find something to watch or listen to and just do a lil something productive, like completing 50 million more job apps.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Diary of an Ugly Duckling

I've been writing for many years now and online blogging about my journey into JFashion for about 7 years. That is a lot of words. A lot of characters. A lot of pages and I am well aware this post may just be too text heavy to read for some...

From being a glasses with a cord attached, gifted program, A and B honour roll ugly duckling student,to being obsessed with alternative and Jfashion in my young adult life, at least with fashion, things have changed. I switched out baggy male jeans and t shirts for slimmer skinny jeans and black hoodies like some emo kid to switching it out again to look like a walking block of colour... but of course at times wearing mostly all black.