Monday, September 28, 2015

Jobs, Careers, and Life Oh My!

Had to take a bit of a break to reassess this post college life stuffs. I guess it was a bit naive to think I'd land a job at some fancy pants, big name agency right away.... ahahahah

I have been doing more jobs as a sales and brand rep as of the few years. Totes different than art or graphic design, but it is still good skills nonetheless.

I get a lil discouraged, but I have been taking the time to reevaluate my samples, think and draft up new ones that could beat out my half baked ideas from years ago. -_-;

Oh yea... my phone got stolen too about a month ago. I let it go only for the time being.... allowing me to have some time away from constantly being tied to social media, and to really focus some ideas on my portfolio and my art.

It is amazing how many hours I can let fly by doing almost nothing on those social media platforms! geez....  At least I do take the time to read an article or two though than just funny memes of cats and whatnot.


Practice makes better, and time and persistence will tell what will happen. Hell, who knows if that is the route for me, or where I will go in my career path! Or better yet, if time and practice is all I need to catch the eye of a company.

Until next time!
ciao ciao!

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hey gaiz and gals.

Lisha here.

Got my phone stolen  near Chinatown. Its the second time this has happened. Sucks.
I have too many health issues and fam members who need to contact me, and also work and such to have my shit stolen. pretty pissed at:

David "Nero Drexel" Ellis for touching me and trying to make me a part of his harem when I was not sober enough to consent to anything. You also prolly stole Sugargamer's business property. Cosplay does not equal conest

Tunde Turner aka Liquid Mojo: for cheating me out of content, money, time, brain health, sanity, and also for perhaps profiting off of our work or personal photos, and being a stupid bitch.

Jade Barry; a liar, who the fuck cares if you did porn? You were used for a 3some, not to get knocked up by the dude. You were not paid to stay or take someones man, or tell your x to "go kill himself " since he was depressed. I used to be concerned about your eating disorder andweight issues, and wanted for you to atleast have Black*Cherry  to hang out with, but you pretended that no one liked you so people could feel sorry for you.

Tomasa "Tomo" "Tomojewel" "Tama" Jackson: for being a fake ass "friend" /"gal sister"/ you tried my patience and used it up, wore it out. You wanted to steal my boyfriend, and L.A. and Johnny told me about you. You only said "sorry" when you were drunk. I was too nice to still even be cordial with you when you were trying to fuck my man at Xport when Murphy was at the dorms.

Anyway.... I;ll prolly bitch later.

I want my 2 goddamn black Hydrobvibes right now, because I have work and shit to actually do than do shitty make up, be a slacker, fail classes, poison people, rape people, or be a shitty person. Like my Ex used to say, "fuck it all".

Monday, August 17, 2015

Video Analysis - M3LL155x

I was very excited to watch Twigs latest video, M3LL155x . The videography is awe inspiring and takes full advantage of what can be done in music videos.

Seeing a humanified Anglerfish in there was awesome.

Dress me up, I'm your doll.
Love me rough, I'm your doll.

In my perspective, after the beginning song gives me an impression of a Twigs who is sexy especially in the eyes of a (white) male, making her 'exotic' and inhuman like a cheaply made, mass produced blow up doll; only to be consumed, used up, left and forgotten.

In dating, being in the gyaru community, being a female, I can definately see how men can reduce human female bodied persons to an inanimate object to be used only for sexual purposes.

You've got a goddamn nerve.

Twigs wakes up, pregnant with a child after having been used up. Before giving birth, her water breaks, paint spilling out, and a (Black) man looking disgusted with her.

In this part of the video, a person more of her ethnicity seems to cast her out due to her being impregnanted by a white male.

Now hold that pose for me.

Twigs gives birth to her own 'minions' ,one still with childlike curiosity and another that appears to be her alternate self, bound to herself in Creepy Yeha's fashionably erotic bondage pieces.

With my own experiences, I see it as a story of destructive lust in an interracial coupling,  and fighting through the pain it can cause when you dehumanize a woman who can bare children and reduce her to those functions.
The white man who uses her is no where to be seen in the later half of the video at all, something that people who have grown up without a father have experience with.

What's your thoughts on her new video?