Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gurl Put in Work

So, it has been about 6 and a half months since I started my new part time. Though my schedule has changed a bit dramatically, I am pretty happy that I stuck it through this long! Yippu! Some of ya'll are probably thinking, like... "That's an accomplishment?" hahaha

I was laid off in about 2011 from a different part time. I only lasted for about a few months. It was my first official job while being on break from college and not affiliated with a summer school program. It was incredibly stressful in that industry as a coffee girl. People who aren't hyped up on their caffeine yet, giving you a damned hard time. Pair that with little assistance from co workers doesn't keep things running smoothly. Ya know, teamwork makes the job work. But I learned a lot though, and seeing donuts that aren't lined up correctly bugs me til this day.
How you want yo coffee?
Another place years later just wasn't working for me. Unfortunately, they wanted me to be there everyday after I left school, which meant me spending money I didn't really have to be there, and also me using up days to be doing art or networking for my true passion. There were a lot of other problems too other than just work ones and I rather not bitch too much about. lol But.... I got to learn an ipad program.... yippu?

I've been trying to find a place that would let me be there and grow in my own way ( I think I kinda found one for the time being), but, I guess a lot of places want you to be on it like 0 to 100 from the get go, and a lot of places I applied to was more like a gamble than anything! It was more like a "Why not?" as I sent in applications. Not to mention trying to gain experience in places where your school conflicts with their schedule and what not.
My uniform isn't as cute as my coffee girl apron tho
 Even though I'd rather be behind a computer or a phone, I have shaken off a lot of the jitters when it comes to talking and approaching people, and it feels good to accomplish some goals too. My supervisor has been pretty cool, and so have the lot of my new coworkers. I am still learning and nothing is perfect, but I try my best. Some days start off better than others, some days have more accomplishments than others.

Since a grocery store chain has been competing with a relatively new one, we have been doing some pretty cool stuff every now and again, like slot machines! The customers seemed to like it!

I have been trying to take on a second job, more so in my career path. But that is going super slow and is unneeded stress for me right now.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Breaking up!

Some break ups can be hard to handle. All the time spent with someone... just to have it slowly fade.Wanting things to work out and trying to express your wants and needs... but its not really happening. Ah... feels not so good, does it?

But, what if that break up is for yourself? For you to be happy?
Well... I am going to break up with Sprint.
 I have been with them for about 7 or maybe 8 years.
They just aren't cutting it for me with high prices when my budget is already tight.

I will admit, their customer service has gotten better over the years, but its just not feasible at the moment. I am looking forward to a new phone and have been looking at a few new companies. Its been a couple of years that I wanted to make a switch over, but thought , 'Nah.. maybe another two years.' Then it drags out longer.

I get kinda iffy and stall with things like this. Maybe it will be a Christmas gift to myself or something, lol! I'd prolly have all the details and what phone I want by then. I will most likely stay with Android phones.
Not that much into iPhones, even though they get some cool apps at times.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


For a long time, I was the kid who kinda got over looked in class, bullied and what not. Didn't stand up for myself all too much, and sometimes, wondering "Why me?" and wanting to pray and wish myself invisible. I think being somewhat of a recluse in childhood and growing up with some Christian ideals and hoping I'd get into heaven, I think I became kinda passive and didn't want to be "mean".

I tried to get better at a lot of things in life. Not only shyness and to become more outgoing, try to become more stylish and the list goes on. One of the things I wanted to get better at was making a few more friends.

Getting into college was a big step in life lessons, not just with dating, but also friendships and relationships between people too.

While there were fun times, there were times where things were said that I didn't like. I think this is where human communications get weird.
I could have spoken up more against things I didn't like, instead of wondering "should I say something?" and thinking that maybe somethings are a bit more lighthearted than they seemed until things just affected people more and grew bigger.(Am I to always be like "I don't like that, I don't like this" all the time? idk idk)
A way to put it is like this, if you have a little leak from your faucet because you didn't turn it off all the way. Eventually, the mechanisms just don't stick the way they used to, and the faucet will just drip.

Maybe not a good example...

I tried the best I thought I could at those times without trying to overstep boundaries. I didn't want to come off as someone's momma or being the "leader" or whatever in a galcir. Maybe I shouldn't have feared stupid shit like that back then and rooted for people more that I cared about and supported. But then, would that even be "right" on my part? Things get confusing then.

Life is a learning experience, and I am still learning. Things just aren't learned and known from when you pop out of your mom into the world.

I'll keep coasting and learning. Seeing what works and what doesn't, and knowing when to speak up for myself.

ciao ciao