Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Acen 2015

Wowzers! Another Acen  has passed by!
Machii, Neesie, Tomo, Jade and I at my Gyaru Panel
I had my panel about gyaru fashion on Friday! I let people check out what was in my bag, answered questions about hair, make up and accessories, and had some guest speakers as well! It was a chill atmosphere, and I was glad people were able to come through.

Though I wish I danced the night away at Soap Bubble, I danced, shimmied, and bebopped along throughout the Dealer Hall's floor. 

I bought two books this year... A Kiki's Delivery service art book, and a Tabekoji one. heh heh heh. Um... it was totally because of the detail in the make up and hair! I promise!

 I didnt splurge a lot, but it was very tempting to do so! Too many cute kimono, art books, collectors figures, Legend of Zelda paraphernalia (who wouldn't want the classic and iconic Hyrulian shield or an ocarina?) and animal ears caught my eye this year.
From the MisoLucki shoppe
I had trouble picking out something from the MisoLucki shoppe. They had some super cool shirts and I was too tempted to get the shirt with Bruce Lee on it!!!
I thought buying something small would suffice... but there were too many cute and sassy pins and earrings. I asked a group to help me choose a pin with words while I settled on a decision that dealt with food. (^w^)

I even got cute hair ties and a super cute bag from Machii. Thank you!

Julie from my high school! Hadn't seen her in 5 years!!
I met up with a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a while! From Alan and Dino (the two I met at a parapara panel years ago) to classmates from highschool and gals who were apart of the Chicago Diamond gyarusa, Black*Cherry/Gal*Luxy. We were all running around so it was hard to all come together and stay put this year, but even a quick hello brought joy to my heart.

Pic cred from Neesie!

Me and my sis as BlackWidow!

So cool!

Suiting up
 I tried on two kimono and Samurai armour too! I didn't get a lot of selfie's this year, but that's ok!

You can check out more pictures I posted on my post for SugarGamers here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

you never seem 2 call me nao that im ok....

Its funny... 
thinkin on it, 
how as a young adult, 
i made my way out to Oak Park to meet with people from the internet, that...
only one girl came to CT to meet with me.


it took a long time for people to come out to see me... 

 i live further south than they did at the time. frown emoticon 

or being stood up when id invite people to art shows and stuff. 

like, people came in groups to see me in the hood (well, not too far south, of course. dont want chilrens gettin scared! lol) 

like, you cant come by yourself? lolololol.

i guess, that should have told me right then and there that i should have stopped talking to a certain person after being stood up so much!

the girl that came to CT with me
the one who didnt leave me hanging
alone on the train platform with my blue hair
made me really happy to be outside.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gal and Work

So, no pretty pix this time. More like a rant or whatever. So, I try to get a decent job so I can afford the clothes I want to wear, my make up, high heels, and everything that I like doing. SO why do jobs make you go through all these hoops (like interviews )to do a job that you arent going to keep for very long, or they will purposely put you though a ton of crap to make you want to quit or make you seem incompetent or whatever?

So, I wanted to be a photography assistant right? This was back when I lost my job living with Krystal. I was super depressed because I felt set up to fail! No kidding!! Like, I dont like daylight shift hours, but I did not ask my employer to not sched me on morning times when I can't come home and relax and actually feel like a person and not a coffee machine...

Anyway... No clue what I would be doing, a total n00b! And I am speaking to the guy on the phone about the assistant work. I'm like, "awesome, working on something kinda in my field!" And this guy,( I later meet and he turns out to be on the lines of Indian, dark skinned, around my colour perhaps) gets upset when he learns that he is not talking to a WHITE GIRL on the phone! omg! He sounded so disappointed! omg. :( I didn't get that job... I wonder why...

I also wanted to learn how to work on cars when I was living up north. I thought it would be fun to do! But the white guy tells me that I am too cute to work on cars! Like wtf! Sexist much?!

Or the pay is too low to budget in actually being able to live plus pay off tons of loans, and also do whatever else and all that adult stuff. Kinda sucks imo.

Yea, well, those are some of my work experiences. They are exp after all. like, Wow, I can pour coffee or something for people!