Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Diamond Lash Series

While I was on the Diamond lash site looking at pictures of the lashes I like best a few months ago, I decided to roam around the site to see the other products. I saw they had a few new series, Nudy Couture and the Model's Produced,  that I had not yet seen.
They are quite thin and usually would not pop into your head when you think of gyaru styled eyelashes. They are wispy and a bit shorter than their lash sisters in the other series. However, they are perfect for subtle make up and for work.

The Models Produce series

The Models Produce series have a style that are light and airy. The Nobel eye is almost on the line of demi lashes, but are a tad bit longer width wise. There are four thicker clusters on the lashes that add a little bit of feminine flair to your eye make up. 
The Lucks eye (sp) is not dramatic and give some lash length towards the outer edge of the lid. The Model Produce series seems to accentuate the outer edge of the eye. This series includes four different styles.
Nobel eye
Lucks eye

The Nudy Couture series

The Nudy Couture series is by fair their most natural looking lash series. People with longer lashes probably would not benefit from these length wise but perhaps give a touch of thickness to their own lashes. These are definitely great for subtle looks, normal wear, school, or work when you don't want your lashes to be too dramatic but still look beautiful. This series includes eight different styles.

Elegant Eyee

They have a pretty nice selection of natural lashes for people who go for that type of look and may not have very long lashes. I think people get lash strips done lash extension style, so I think they can add some thickness to lashes that way.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Gal Meet In Chinatown

Pepa, Jade, and Lora and her family met up to talk over food at My Place (not, not my apartment, its a restaurant in Chinatown), and to give Lora her Gal Make over courtesy of Pepa! We shared stories about what led us into pursuing gal fashion, bought sweets, even saw a high school friend randomly before we ate, and met up with Jade's friends too!
We also shared ice creams on sticks before we split up to run errands and what not, then met back up later in the day and watched a movie together.

My meal!

Pepa's veggies!

Pepa's Salt pepper squid. 

Doing make up!

Pepa helped Lora with her make up and gave her a Gal Transformation! Complete with lashes too!

She was really happy! 

There were a lot of people in Chinatown on Friday! I think they were having a field trip!

Candy! Almonds and Chocolate are delicious together.

Jade and I were going to get a regular sized pack of make up removing wipes, but Pepa gave us an awesome suggestions for Studio 35's twin pack that would last us longer and be a better deal for us!
YAY! You can get them at Walgreens!
Thanks for hanging with us Lora! 

You can read Jade's post here!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

WCG's Spotlight

Interview: Laura Cioroianu

I came across Laura a few years ago when she sent me a friend request. She stood out to me due to her interest in gothic and visual kei fashion. She is from Romania and lives in Craiova and has appeared in quite a few news episodes due to her love for VK fashion style.

Lisha: Does your work or past education helped you with your inspiration or outfits?(for
example working at a job that helps you with a different aspect of fashion, or taking
classes about fashion design, etc)

Laura Cioroianu :
Since I have a nursing degree , my past education has really nothing to do with my inspiration for everything I am trying to do in a pleasant way.
I was a makeup trainer but volunteer for almost half a year in 2013 in a small makeup school from my city .

The experience from there helped me too and to like even more makeup and all of the things I am going now .

Also I will throw this month the first party from Craiova city , a show inspired by the visual kei music scene in Japan .
and I try to make this party more diverse, including a fashion parade with my interpretations by some street clothing styles in Tokyo .

I will use everything that needs from my personal clothes and all that it takes , for all the people for the parade from head to toe, including the decoration of the club . For now this show will be like a challenge for myself since I will take care of almost everything with my own money, which its really hard , but i am looking forward to see people reactions from this city .
If this show will be a success this will be the beginning only .

Lisha: Has anything in your childhood inspired you to dress up?

Laura Cioroianu : To be honest no , not at all .
I was such a tomboy many years of my childhood.

Lisha:What else besides Visual Kei inspires your outfits and style? What are your favorite
bands that you draw inspiration from?

Laura Cioroianu : Simply people . Every time I had the opportunity to meet someone really creative and unique I am so inspired .I feel so honored when I meet these kind of people .
I am inspired a lot also just by watching online pictures with ordinary people from Tokyo.
I like to admire their creativity and then i am trying to get a piece of what I like the most from them for my creations .
My favourite bands from many others from Japan are X Japan ,Buck Tick and Penicillin .
I draw a lot of inspiration from mister Hakuei the vocalist from Penicillin.
He was and still my all time muse when i want to create something related only to the Japanese visual kei scene of course in this case .

Lisha: Ah! Cool! What non fashion forms do you draw inspiration from?

Laura Cioroianu : Mostly my saddest moments and my dreams . When something negative happen to me I try to express & get away that sad feeling from my heart into creating something new related to art , doesn't matter if its makeup, a draw on a paper or inventing an outfit .

Lisha: That is a great idea!
I know that some places are apprehensive to people expressing themselves through wearable
forms of expression. How is it dressing in Craiova, Romania?

Laura Cioroianu : The world is pretty closed-minded here Craiova city but there are a lot of
wonderful people who support me a lot and I try to keep near those kind of people .
Actually one of the reasons that i want to trow that kind of shows like I told you previously , it is to create a place for all those people who don`t have the guts to dress however they like on the streets but they can at my shows .I want them to feel free and to say : At this kind of parties I feel me and noone isjudging me or the way my style is at all here .

Lisha: Have you traveled anywhere? Where would you like to go?

Laura Cioroianu : I went to Belgium , Germany and Nederlands
I would like to visit Japan so much in the future . I think its awesome there .

Lisha: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Laura Cioroianu : Listening to music its almost like breathing for me, drawing sometimes , dancing & singing.

She has also subtitled her video clips from news channels.

News Clip

Kawaii International