Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The heavier make up and tan styles guide UPDATE

I read on a blog regarding gal make up, and I spotted some misinformation there, so I decided to create a mini guide on the differences~! And also give a better analysis on the styles themselves.
It's a bit late, but better now than not at all.

late90s-early 2000s

This style came about in the 90's. There was medium to dark tans galore, platform boots(the higher the better) white make up on the lips and mouth(from a light white to the bold white sported by Buriteri), and variations of lightened hair. Hawaiin themes were really common especially during the summer time, and the Alba Rosa clothing brand is really big on the scene.
The hair was bleached during this time because of the lack of colouring kits. The hair is usually seen as brown, med brown, blonde, and also white.
The clothes has a 70's and 90's feel to it; pastel or garish colours, characteristic knit styles, the way some of the dresses have a boxy feel when worn on the body, tight pants, etc.
I have not found alot of teasing or big hair styles when I anaylyze the hair the ganguros and gonguros uses.

Manba/Tsuyome manba

Manba came after Ganguro had died off. It had two revisions. Many people refer to these two as "old school manba" and "new school manba".
Old School Manba is characterized by usually hair being browns, blonds, and maybe some tint colours, stickers on the face under the eyes(not drawn on with make up), lots of cute accessories, yarn or strange danglies in the hair, bright colours, flip flops, and more stylized eye make ups.
 NOTE: The MAIN difference between this style and Ganguro is the NOSE STRIPE~.
However, some girls in the scans of the old egg mags dont wear nose stripes at all.
Kigurumis, cute sweats, pajama pants are mad cute~
For the nose stripe, the "T" shape (white make up powdered over the eyebrows)is usually common.

New School Manba is what happened when the first phase of manba died out for a while, then came back~. Girls bleached and dyed their hair with bright colours, hair extensions are being put in, Banba started to evolve from it at about the same time, and cute goodies that you can adorn yourself with is still in. It's a more fun and perhaps more "childish" version of banba, but sexy clothes as long as they are bright are in~Stickers are not worn that much, or none at all.
The hair is usually teased big, and may have a flower or two in it.
Manba make up is a bit cleaner looking than Old School style make up.
Alba Rosa clothing goods can be spotted here and there.
Tsuyome Manba is the more extreme version of manba: Hair bright and can be so long that it touches the ground. Big big BIG hair is very important, but doesnt matter if its a ton of weave, yarn, or leis.
Eye make up is usually VERY bold and the eyes are done up to appear very large.

Almost like manba, but the make up, sported especially by the Angeleek galcir, usually had glitter in it, and varied from really bold that could be mistaken for manba, or lighter and less in your face.
There are two clothes colour schemes, one very bright with neons, and one with more earthy and/or natural colours. The same can be said for the hair as well. Lip colour is white, nude, or pink colours.


Tsuyome(96/kuro gals)
around mid 2000s
This is usually seen as a lighter and sometimes "tougher" version of Banba style. There are still tans, but the white make up is toned down or none at all, and usually the eye make up (liner, lashes) are bold and fierce. Hair colour ranges from browns, ash colours, or blondes. 
The clothes are sexy or sexy and cool, and has a more mature vibe than Manba, Banba and even the Ganguro styles. If one was to do a slow graduation from manba, they might go the route of Manba>Banba>tsuyome.
Lips are done in nudes or sometimes pinks.

96gyaru or kuro gyaru(or even kuronba/bo) is like the 2010-2011- version of Banba. Its sexier and flashier.

this is not manba:
Even though her eye make up is dark, and her eyes look a bit larger, she is NOT tanned,does NOT have a nose stripe and her eyebrows are even way too dark for tsuyome.

even though she is banba(not manba), she has the tan, the nose stripe, and thick eye make up.
Large eyes+tan+white eye make up+nose stripe = manba


  1. interesting read. thank you! i'm probably still gunna mix them up for a little bit though xP But i'm most definitely gunna refer to this when I need to for assistance.

  2. Thank you for correcting my mistake.

  3. @Crystal No problem. Its not just about mixing sometimes, especially with the make up, like, ... ganguro will be ganguro becasue that was what it was back in the day and when it died.
    manba will still be cute yet sexy and crazy, while banba will have the make up style, but a wider range of clothes to choose from. and Tsuyome will be tan with bold eye make up, and sexy clothes. I dont want to run in too many circles trying to explain that lol

    @chaudie, no problem~

  4. Thanks a lot for this it really helps:D

  5. Is it right to say that you can be Banba even if you have colored hair or am I wrong to assume that? Depending on the makeup style determines what look you are going for...right?

  6. i think you can be with coloured hair. saw alot of banba looking girls with coloured hair, multi coloured hair, or blondes or browns.

    and its with make up, and clothes style too, i think


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