Thursday, January 13, 2011

San Fransisco (pics part 1)

I started packing today. It's so depressing...
I dont want to leave, but no choice.
I got to see my boyfriend again, My friends Mikko,Janis,& Toure again.
Got to meet Dolly for the first time.
Fell in love with udon noodle soup and spicy tuna don.
Drank so much Japanese beer.
Rode together on my bb's Harley.
Saw the sunset and the ocean.
Got to purikura again.
Got introduced to alot of my boyfriend's friends.

I really wish my flight was canceled for friday and I can just go on Saturday.
I feel so bummed out. Didnt even hang out with Mikko and Janis on Weds. :( And I also left my phone too . I am hoping to come back for my spring vacation though.

Now a pic spam:

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