Monday, February 7, 2011

Hair Colour

So lately, I have been bored with my black hair, dark brown /black extensions, and partially bleached bangs.

first bleaching



jan 10th ish (where did all the light parts go? lol ;o;
i guess all snipped away....

The bleached parts that i did kept up really nice, especially with a light snip snip every now and then. Didnt have problems with really terrible breakage or super bad split ends either.

I don't want to have a REALLY light hair colour, just something a bit lighter and different, and something I DON'T see in the 'hood. (bright blondes, skin tone hair, red found in those kinky twists...)

I want a dark ash type of colour. Not too dark, not too light.
just a bit darker!!

i like this one. maybe a little darker though??

i kinda like the girl's hair on the left

top girl with tan shirt on

I just dont know how light my hair would have to be to have the colour I want to catch on nicely. Maybe I should try it on the lightest part of my bangs...

Maybe if I dye it to "brown cinnamon" and them add a colour to tint it a little it might work (since I dont want it super bright anyways...) hmmmm 

"Rich wine" colour looks kinda nice....

Im so indecisive!!
ahh!! I just dont want to end up with a fucked up colour, or damaged hair[especially since im doing this on my own!!] (also why im not going super light... but maybe it'll be ok?) {also have to buy new extensions to dye too.......)

All I know is that I have to condition and moisturize ALOT.
Atleast I dont have to worry about my hair getting damaged from the few perms I used to get. (last one was in late June of '10~, and not going back <3)

and i think i blog too much LOL
maybe 1 post per week unless i have something super interesting? LOL
geez... im at about 60 something posts >.>

But thank you to my  98 followers for reading all my weirdness, and babbling lol.


  1. girlllllll~ just go honey blonde and be done w/ it lol~ ash looks wired on black looks ashy

  2. I like the chestnut blonde on that color chart. Closer to ash than the rest, but still has some color so it doesn't look too.. idk, old lady? Haha.. I'm sure whatever you choose will look hot though!

  3. lol kiaraaaa, i dont wanna be one tone lol and thats too light for me for all over lol XD

    aww thanks megg!! havnt seen u in FOREVERRRR
    that looks like a nice colour for tinting...hrmmm

    decisions decisions

  4. I cant wait to see your hair!!!! by the way made this pic...

    he he .. Its over the place now~ I made this like 3 years ago i think......

  5. lol MICHI XD i have that saved on my computer XD XD

    i hope i can decide on something!! GRAHHH lol


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