Friday, April 22, 2011

Be natural!

unnatural naturalness

For some reason, it URKS THE HELL OUT OF ME when lets say a lover or such would say "I like natural.natural eye colour, natural hair." and so forth. I can understand this, but two things: I LOVE gal fashion ! i like heightening my appearance whether it's for manba/banba or for my more tsuyome rocker look; thick lashes, bigger eye shape, bigger eyes and colour, wigs and extensions, heels, etc. Its like art in my opinion, and art is my life. The second is; it's not like he NEVER saw a picture of me all done up before(all my pictures were mostly banba at that!and thank GOODNESS that I don't do cybergoth!). So it's not like i just popped up out of the blue with a white wig and heavy make up at his door saying "HEY BABYYYYYYY".

But besides that, guys go "i like the natural look". But do you realize how FLAWED that is?
I am sure most guys want their girl's face skin to be realitively even toned, their lips to be a little glossy or pigmented with a lipcolour, their hair done, and probably a little bit of liner. True some guys have girls that do relatively nothing, but that's not the point LOL. (maybe they want them to wear a lil make and do their hair a bit.

no make up vs a little bit of make up

I think guys have to realize that they need to know about make up too and what it can do for a girl or what it can work against them(and also be respectful of that GAL'S preference. ;)   ). And also realize the difference between light/"natural" make up and no make up at all. I even remember a study about this. I more men chose the made up but "natural" looks than just nothing at all ANYWAYS.

I will have to rag on the guys(who complain about this atleast), they dont do things that natural either! Is shaving natural? Or getting a hair cut? Otherwise, your beard hairs would be falling out, and your hair would only grow to a certain point. I dont think using gel is natural either. You didnt pop out your mum with spiky hair, so what are you doing? Or wearing suits that make your shoulders broader. Or wearing tight fitted shirts to show of your muscles. Or wearing cologne. If everyone is supposed to be natural, then hell, we would all be running around butt ass naked, with our hair all knotted up and all over our heads with hairy legs. That sounds super hot, huh? Because we weren't born with all the stuff that makes us look atleast halfway decent this day , right?

For me liking and studying subcultures and being in one, the one thing that i find important above all else is if that person's make is clean and not flakey or smudgy, and that it compliments that person's features depending on what that person is doing. If it just looks sloppy like a 2yr old did it... It's a no go in my book.

In the end, I will keep to my habit of doing myself up in the style I favor. Because after all, humans have been decorating themselves for CENTURIES, so why is it a bad thing that it is still being done to this day?


  1. my bf says the same. guys actually like it that way. i think gurls dress up for themselves and other girls. i totally love dressing up.

    1. Dressing up is fun! Guys always have something to say :(

  2. Ugh, I hate this, I LOVE makeup and its like a release for me to just get up and doll myself up. This natural crap is poppycock, lol, most famous women wear makeup anyways.

    1. lol XD natural is good for work!

  3. I totally agree with this, couldn't have said it better myself <3

  4. Totally agree, I mean the "natural look" is good for like, conservative environments, but if you're free to express yourself, you should be allowed to do it and damn the people who say it's wrong!

  5. Totally agree with this post, I hate it when guys say things like this. My ex hated manba and banba (when I did it more frequently last year) and whenever I added a nose highlight to my make-up, he would complain and ask me to take it off because he thought it was "weird"

    Fair enough if guys say that they prefer the "natural" you, like when you're in pj's or something and no make-up and we're all "cute and stuff" but I agree with the fact that it's unfair for guys to say that girls aren't natural if we have the slightest touch of make-up on while they have a tonne of product in their hair, their facial hair is groomed to perfection and they're coated in aftershave.

    Not cool guys! My bf now likes "both my sides" lol! He calls my un-make-up face "one" and my maked-up face "the other one" but he hasn't seen banba or manba yet and he's like "so when do I see THAT one?" haha

    Thanks for this post girl, I really enjoyed it^^

  6. I love this post!
    and I totally agree with you! I'm so happy my bf is more the 'if you like it, don't stop what you're doing'-type of person,
    but I know so many girls who were told to be wearing too much make-up blablabla~
    I guess most guys prefere to say they like the 'natural look', because they don't know better ;D and what they might be confronted with.

    following you now~ :D

  7. I feel like guys and make up is weird sometimes they say you look better natural. But would a guy seriously be attracted to you if you walked down the street with no make up, foundation, nothing I just don't believe that. I have gotten a few "you wear too much make up" but it's my way of expressing myself so whoever I'm with has too deal with it!

    Great post! :)

  8. feel that! I love getting dolled up because it's like my other persona, especially when I go out to the clubs and stuff. Love your post.

  9. Agree!
    It's very interesting this post!
    I think you are a really good gal :3
    Followin' u~

  10. omg u're sooo right!
    and like lain barbieeyes said, no-one will see u on the streets if u have no make-up.
    so why are guys always saying natural is the best? can't understand.
    and as u said, i've seen articles in the magazines that complains about this "men like natural look" thing. there was two pictures per one celebrity. in first picture they was'nt wearing make-up and the other picture they was. EVERY GUY liked the second one, no matter who was the celebrity etc. it was always with the make-up.

  11. ok from a guy point of view i'm a 25 year black guy living in japan and i have to just left girls in on something my i dated japanese, korean and american and afircan. i even go on youtube to help my japanese girl pick out new make up kit and style heck i pick here stuff for her to wear lol ( i think i was a girl or a gay man in my past life) i'm like a black martha stewart when it comes to my apartment 4 real.

    let me tell you a little story one night i went to shibuya and meet a girl in club harlem and took her to a love hotel and we start having fun and then her hair started falling out but it was weird but i knew about the blond weave style over here so i was cool with it. so i wake up the next day and i was shocked when me ahd her took a shower and all that make up was gone and she look like a new person.

    i was shocked but i did not say anything so i gave her a kiss and said she look good in japanese. that was a few years ago when i 1st got here but now i'm cool with it. i go to shibuya 109 alot with her and she gets mad at me when the girls start looking at me and smiling but i think she cute when she mad lol. anyway guys just want to see the real you that all...well that i how i see it

    1. that is true, but when you have a person dating a person (guy or girl )who wears a lot of make up, weaves, wigs, or what have you, and you have seen them in various styles or modes, from natural to super done up (even if they look different), I think it is a little strange to tell them, I dont like what you are doing, especially if they dont look that normal or conservative themselves.
      I can understand meeting someone and waking up to a new person in the morning type of deal, but perhaps for girls it is a bit different than guys because i feel that guys just look at things as they are, but girls know the work put into it. thats just what i think, lol.

      thank you for the comment :)


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