Sunday, June 12, 2011

ACen Photos

image heavy*
FINALLY posting these pix from late May lol.
Please enjoy.
I didnt get a lot of shots, but there wasnt a lot of great cosplays this year in my opinion. I did gyaru style as usual lol and I met up with Dino and Alan to dance Koi Shita Ano Natsu with a group of his friends too.
Second day, Saturday, met up with Kira*Kira and Krystal plus Moga and Juli and Kevi.
Also drank with Alan, Dino, their friends plus my old friend Crys from highschool. good times lol. I missed the rave though because I was pretty out of it lol

my outfit for the para event with ALan and Dino <3
that belt makes my waist super tiny! :D

creepy as HELL

alan, crys and me

saw michelle first dressed up as stocking! damn... i felt bad standing next to her DX
we so sexah

i did her make up for her :D
and hard gay cosplay

shes such a cutie!!!
too bad she first saw me without my wig! DX

my friend AYA!
he is so damn good with making his cosplays!!!
so envious


  1. Ooh, lovely photos! This gets me really excited for AX coming up soon~ ^^ You looked gorgeous btw, Lisha! ♥

  2. You look so hot ;D great pics <3

  3. Nice photos. I like the Giant Chocobo and Sonic.
    Your outfit is awesome!
    (I'm from ricoche btw XD)

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