Monday, May 28, 2012

L.A. Chillin

I went to L.A. for a weekend. My trip, I tell you , was too short! But I got to meet Kelsey and also Reina, aka M0k0ko.
I was so nervous that I didnt even get photos with them ;0;


alien plants

Venice Canals

I <3 Boba store. doesng look like it, but i was with kelsey and jay lol

cucumbers, beer, nattou, and okonomiyaki

some goodies <3

haha... sorry , my pictures are all jumbled up. >.>;;;

I just wish there was more time to actually go partying or something with the girls!
Oh well. There is always next time ,I hope.


  1. You look so hawt!

    I always forget to take photos with people, so judging my photos, it usually looks like I am a lonely loser! haha

  2. swear there will be a next time! Lots of pictures and partying will def. happen.


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