Saturday, August 17, 2013


~~~~~~Blog and Youtube related things~~~~~~
featured on agenoir
Featured on TokyoCatWalk
Featured/noted in various blogs and youtube videos about gyaru fashion
Featured on FuckYeah Western Gyaru + We Love Gaijin Gyaru+Manba fb page
-Interview that will be released soon.

Awards + Nomination 
Blogger Award 2011 from Woxje aka Rox
GaijinGyaruAwards fashion/make up nominations 2012, 2013

Black gyaru vid

Lady li's Gal collab vid

Quick Resume/CV

Created the largest Black and Asian group on JapanGuide friends "Black and Asian Relations"
Gyaru model for Jones College Prep Asian Fashion Show 2010
Dancer for Dj. Sisen in 2010
Gyaru Model for Animestl 2012-13
Golds Infintiy Gyaru Shop Staff at Anime Expo 2013+2014
Photography with DSA, Liquidmojo, Don Horne photography, and many others.
Helped create gyaru events in Chicago, and attended them in San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and Indiana.

Exhibited artwork at :
 A Day in Avondale
 A Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nostalgia Show 
Luna Cafe

So You Wanna be Gyaru? (acen 2015)

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