Tuesday, August 13, 2013

W.I.P. and Sketches

I have been working on way to many projects this summer, and most of them involve art and portfolio work. I also got to show off some pieces at an art show in Chicago called Girl Talk at MultiKulti.

Purin portrait
Digital sketch+colour layout

This piece is based on a picture I took of Purin when we were working at Acen this year. I thought she looked super adorable with her bear hat and stuffed llama doll, and wanted to do a portrait for her. It is incomplete, but I will be getting back to it once I get some other things finished up.

Ichi the Killer/Kakihara sketch
Korean movie dvd cover
Digital Sketch

The above two sketches were also done digitally. I like horror movies, and I really liked how the Dvd covers looked like, so when I got my tablet, I wanted to practice with a few portraits and chose these two covers to do so. I am not good with drawing hands, so I will have to get to them later in the Cinderella pic. For the Kakihara sketch, I focused more on the lips and beard hairs.

Concept art
Digital Sketch
This is a concept sketch from an older idea I had from 2008. I turned the idea and previous sketches from '08 into a mini comic last year.

Drawing on skin is fun. I hope to do more soon. I used foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow,and I think an eyebrow pencil. For quite a few years, I would do sketches of eyes, and It is usually something I tend to draw when I am bored or wanting to draw something. I hope to be able to get someone or even a few people to let me draw on them.
Drawing on Flesh
Make up

 I like some old school animes, and I drew a character that I liked from one.
2008 sketch 

Some of my art that I had up at MultiKulti In Chicago a few weeks ago for Girl Talk.
Little snippets of some of my more traditional forms of art.


  1. Your art is really well drawn!
    And I love the movie Ichi the Killer

    1. thank u Miivii! I really liked that movie too >: D
      When i am not so lazy, i wish to do a portrait of ichi too

  2. I like the Ichi one~ I absolutely love that movie *w*

    1. oh yeaaa, ichi the killer fan art is gettin alotta love ! :D
      that movie is crazy lol i think i heard about there being a part 2 or something? idek @_@

  3. Replies
    1. thank u Emi!! i hope to see more of yours too!!


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