Saturday, February 15, 2014

late nights

My buddy and Valentine...

Pretty tired of winter. It feels like it has been going on forever now! Tired of looking at snow, shoveling it, walking through it....
I just want it to be warm so I can enjoy outside again instead of being kooked up inside. I guess that is what they call cabin fever.

I have been working on pieces/concepts/stuff for my portfolio and art showings so I can have better things to show. Still have to photograph a lot of things, redo ,and also finish stuff. The amount of work seems never ending but it keeps my creative side going.

I really want a little vacation... Take a needed break. Go shopping. Go on a relaxing night drive with stars over head. Chill out for real.
Hopefully, that will come this year.

Besides a Valentines Night Friends Get Together with some Korbel, chocolates, and Dance Masters, I just do  my part time, studying way too late into the break of dawn, too much over-thinking {I still feel like I am in the twilight zone}, and website coding. :s Need to get back into P90 though... But cookies, other sweets, and pizza are super tempting... Must resist! ahhaha!

Also, besides a few days where I do some gal make...I have been looking pretty Plane Jane lately! But working hard for a much needed and revamped look! Plus creating tons of new content and projects! Stay tuned!


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