Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New stuffsss

Kinda late, but some make up stuffs!

Lip stain and a nude lipstick from Maybelline. The stain is pretty good, but the nude lipstick is too light for me and I don't like the shimmer in it. Maybe a light swipe of it and some gloss and it will be ok.

HoneyColor Gets.
Dolly Grey+ and Diamond Red
Love them!

Diamond red. I really like them and they are comfy for a while.
But I get a little irritation after some hours due to the size.

Pink Lipstick from Maybelline. 
L'oreal foundation
Ecotools brush for my face

I stopped liking using sponges and flat brushes for my foundation. I felt like I was putting too much on or something. Plus, Ambi Bambi used one, and I liked how it looked on her face.

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