Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Expanding the Availability of Japanese Fashion Brands


It’s a no brainer that I am in love with eccentric fashion! If you haven’t known… well now you do! I have been a part of a particular Japanese subculture called gyaru for about seven years, experimenting with my looks and fashion sense as I saw fit. I initially used shops catered towards teens around Chicago, went to thrift stores and second hand shops, even customized clothes and made some by hand to be able to create my looks to show off my creative side. Whether they were all on point or nah… is a different story, but I had a lot of fun creating looks and merging things I liked together.
One of the biggest things for the people who were into this fashion over the years, was that unless you had a hook up with someone in Japan, you had to make do with what you could find in the states. Some people where able to use shopping services, or shopped at stores that catered to this fashion in Japan to be able to copy the latest styles that catered to the fashion subculture. If these people decided to resell their clothing, then maybe you would be able to get your hands on some Japanese brand goodies.

Golds Infinity On Yesstyle
Japanese Brands Breaking into the Market

With the last two Anime Expo’s in Los Angeles, there was a breakthrough for people who had a love for some of the brands. They were able to purchase from some of their favorite vendors in person without the hassle of traveling to Japan, going through shopping services, or just simply missing out. Along with this, some of the shops that had more popularity in the states decided to open up their sites for Western shoppers to be able to partake in the shopping experience.
Though a lot of the clothes still run quite petite, it is still wonderful step forward for fashionistas who like Japanese fashion!
You can check out to check out some of the clothes available such as Golds Infinity.

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