Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Anime Central: 2015

My Little Pony
This Acen was filled with lots of familiarity; meeting and catching up with old friends  from school or the gyaru and cosplay community and of course some from SugarGamers, taking pictures, checking out tons of spectacular goodies in the Dealers Hall, and staying up super late. However, some things were different this year, including your Galtaku* , Lisha, having her own panel about gyaru fashion and totally missing the rave.KIMG0502
Vincent and Sorceress Edea
Alice (knight outfit) from Madness Returns “How’d you get so tall, Alice?”

At my panel, I took a lighthearted approach with describing the fashion and answering questions, even playing some Eurobeat music that had a parapara dance tied to it. I showed some of my essential items in my handmade denim purse, letting the audience see what make-up items I used for my look, the cards I used for getting discounts at stores, and what brand of lashes I favored.
Cool style, Cool Tattoo
What a deer! Her dress and flower headdress was so cute!
I encouraged the audience to get up and look at the items I brought. I even had some of the local gals come up to answer questions that the audience had. I was glad I had a diverse audience to speak to and despite not having video for my panel, it worked out!
My Little Pony

Though I did not get “turnt up” for the rave, I chatted with Monica, Kat, and Keisha, looked at gorgeous accessories and clothes from steampunk and traditional Japanese fashion, and even got suited up in Samurai armor! I was very tempted to buy a sword or a stylish kimono, but there were far too many beautiful designs to choose from!
Samurai Gyaru! I don’t need a sword… I can use my nails!

Some of you might be wondering what the heck a “galtaku” is. It is a word that combines gyaru  (gyaru fashion or make up) and otaku (Japanese word for nerd).
Ginyu Force
Though Acen is geared towards cosplay and Japanese oriented comics and animation, there were so many lolitas in varying styles and themes there! I had to oogle Akira’s line of vkei/gothic lolita clothes and accessories. Also… there were some Deadpool’s , even one in a pirate outfit, some Mr. Fawkes’, and friendly fuzzy furries strolling about. Not too many gyaru this year though!
Chihiro and Kiki

Did you go to Acen this year? What panels did you attend or what did you buy for your gaming or fashion collection? Don’t be shy! Share!

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