Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chicago Gyaru Winter Me2, recap

So on Thursday, I picked up Justin, then friday, Jax from the Megabus stop in Chicago.

Friday it snowed hella hard, but we managed to do Wao Bao with Nami, Justin, Kevi, and Tomo, then hookah later that night with Nami, Tomo, Justin and Jax

picked up Jax from the station, and taking her to my place to drop off her stuff

Then we made it to the hookah place!

On Saturday, we got up to do some shopping in Boystown, then hit up the H&M on Michigan that's near the Water Tower. After that , we ate at Tasty City in Chinatown, then hit up Sakura Lounge for some crazy karaoke and dancing, then topped the night off with some clubbin at Berlin in boystown.

waiting on some people in the Underground Cafe
and lookin at dat ass

lol, no clue to what Kevi is lookin at
on our way to boystown

at H&M
really surprised we weren't told to not to take pix in here!

on our way to dinner~
(didnt get pix of us before our food arrived though....)

At Sakura Lounge

herp derp lol

Sunday was a chill day, just took Jax to the MegaBus (Justin had to reschedule his train cuz we missed it :<  ) but we got to chill another day with him though.

Pretty fun weekend despite the snow and hitches and glitches with the CTA and my derp ass phone. >.>;

 Plus we had a pretty good turn out on Saturday which made me pretty proud!

I hope more people get to make it out here during the summer me2. It will most likely be more things packed into one day, with the other days being more optional for out of towners i think. Just to keep things simpler.~

Anyhoo, thanks for comin out you guys! I appreciate it

more random photos:


  1. That blond wig is so fucking boss, it hurts! You guys all look great btw :3

  2. I must say, you look absolutely fucking AMAZING with that blonde wig <3 Ah, you guys must've had so much fun. Wishing I was there ahaha

  3. You guys had so much fun!!

  4. Where was Krystal? Don't you live with her? And what about LA? Ari ? Aren't you all friends... Strange your meet was short song pretty key chicago gals.

    1. why dont you ask them Anon instead of me? I am not friends with ari fyi.
      and what does your last sentence even mean?

    2. Looks like you guys had so much fun!
      I hope I can make it to the summer me2, but I guess we will see how my work schedule is (as always).

      Also, what is the deal anon? People obviously have lives to live :/

  5. Looks like so much fun! :) Great style on everyone!

    P.S. "short song pretty key chicago gals." lol

  6. where the hell did you get those yummy buns from??? I have been searching for those things everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. wow bao girl!! :D i dont know if they have chains all over the US tho


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