Friday, March 2, 2012

nail haul~

so i have been stocking up on polishes and stuff since i mostly use those now.
i never bought so many polishes in a week before in my life, its ridiculous!
Todays haul (new gems, 2 sets of nail tips, and two polishes. the pink white and blue ones i bought a few days ago

nail stuff

also bought me new hair stuff!
need to get a blow dryer too

my old nail sets (pirate's treasure theme and  midnight theme)(the pink and yellow ones i didnt do myself, but bought them for customization)

galaxy theme

dark theme and rock thme

COW PRINT!!! omg  i HAD to make these. 
sucks that the bow detail couldnt be captured
until next time, dear followers~


  1. wish i had the patience and talent to make my nails look like those ;_;
    i've found myself stocking up on nail polish as well, so i hope you keep posting your nails. maybe i'll get some inspiration :D

    1. sometimes i wonder how i can sit for a couple of hours trying to get a design down lol

      ill try to post some new stuff every now and again. cant wait to see your designs!

  2. You are pretty skilled :o I love those cow print ones the most ^ ^ Very nice!

    1. thank you Crystal!
      the cow print ones are my fave (@v@)

  3. LOVE THE COW NAILS. they're all awesome, but those are my favourite. 8D

    1. XD my grandma thinks they are weird lol
      and thank you Mocoko!

  4. Okay am I the on;y who wants Lisha to make nails for them to?


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