Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April gets~

So got quite a bit of stuff ~ Well... not alot of clothing related stuff, but still fun shopping for stuff.

my drawing tablet! whee~


i think i will get another turquoise and get it made into jewelry

boots, 50 and 48 bucks!

and i bought these from Pin!
I love them! thank youuu!

i want to do some printmaking!

lino board and water colours~

I also bought my maid dress and a sailor fuku too. I will also be buying final fantasy 8 for my laptop cuz that is my GAME! so many memories!! I think I would seriously cry if Square did a redo of the graphics for that game! I would be in HEAVEN

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  1. I want that drawing tablet sooo badly! D: My one's getting old ;_;


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