Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy weekend

This weekend was pretty busy for me. I went to a birthday party for an 11yr old and it was pretty fun. The new thing are Monster High dolls which is pretty darn cool compared to your old school barbie or even bratz dolls. I really like the cat eared Girl.
Then Ash and I made our way back to Tomo's where us three and Sam had a fun sleep over talking about random stuff and getting mad while watching paranormal activity 2 .
Tomo's dogs are so sweet! I also met Tina the tarantula and watched her catch a cricket  and lay down some web.
Today, I just  bought a waxing kit cuz I'm tired of shaving and some lacey pantyhose, an easy item to buy cuz I've been lost on clothes shopping -_-
Buuuuut, the black batwing top I bought recently which is cute.
Also school is coming around the corner, and I  have yet to type up 2-3 posts -_- gahh.


  1. I'll always love Barbie but those monster high dolls look so awesome! and you look awesome as usual!

    1. I grew up on barbies too but these are so cute lol
      And thank you lolo

  2. Replies
    1. Heh heh heh i think this might be the max lenght i do >_<

  3. The more I see those dolls, the more I kinda want one v.v Let us know how that waxing kit goes, I`ve seen it but was a little eeeeeeeh... I`ve also been looking into sugaring but I heard it can be hard to get making the paste right at home so I need to find a kit for that as well.

    Another thing that kills me even though it may not work for everyone anyway is the at home laser treatments aren`t supposed to be for our complexions even if I could save up for it. TTOTT

  4. I kinda want one too lol
    I tried waxing before.... its painful lol but i wanted to try this kind. Looks less messy.

    I wanted to try those rubby scrubby methods but not sure if they work.
    I only know of those things like nono for hair. Heard they dont work for black folk :s

  5. I heard sugaring is better than waxing for several reasons but although both are messy wax is hard to remove. I read horror stories about people trying to wax their bum and getting stuck to the tub trying to soak it away so that didn't help. >< I just picked regular Nair back up since there was some laying around but it smells like poop and isnt effective enough for something that has the potential to burn skin like perm does the scalp ;0;

    I think I read up on the scrubby things and some of the reviews made it sound like rubbing a fingernail file or a brillo pad across the skin with little results but it might be a skin type thing too.

    I even heard professional hair removal takes some careful research on black people's skin for specialized doctors. I think it has something to do with the melanin in our skin not reacting well to lasering. I guess I can understand, even though it's not the same it's probably the equivalent of one of us getting in a tanning bed. So the no-no is basically the same reason wise. >~<

    1. I wanna see hairy ass men use the products lol the thicker and hairier the better. XD to make sure it really works ! Esp the sugaring!


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