Thursday, August 16, 2012

Comic Con weekend

We go way back.

Black Artists Unite!

This last weekend, I helped out at the  Sugar Gamers booth at Comic Con Chicago aka Wizard World  and also got to do some networking and talking to various artists as well!
I got some pretty helpful tips for working on con commissions, doing art in general and also played Soul Caliber against some of the  Sugar Gamers. Whooped some ass and got whooped myself ┓(*´゚ω`)┏ but it was fun.
It was interesting being more behind the scenes at a convention and being a bit more business minded than most  of my con going days.
Also  had found some old highschool friends who banded together to do comix! Totally inspiring.
One of these days I will totally sell art at a con.
Even met Cerita! I think its the first time meeting...? XO


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