Friday, August 31, 2012

Couple pix before school starts

Just some pix really. Not looking forward to another semester especially since I need to retake a class from last semester. Lame.
I am also thinking of trying to graduate faster by heading for a regular BA instead of a BFA.
I really just want to jump into my  career or atleast sell some art, get paid doing nails, or do some freelancing.

Besides that, my longest, pointiest nail set will probably be taken off like on sunday night or monday after  I have pix taken with a hopefully decent kuronba coord . They lasted a good two weeks and can survive another but I cant braid hair with long nails on. Lol


  1. omg, i love your nails, seriously, the best nails i have ever seen in a gaijin!! <3 LOVE IT LOVE IT! ( i love you make-up, lenses, and hair but the nails are like WOW!)

    1. Thank you camila xD i think even if your outfit is pretty simple, cute nails make things awesome xD

  2. Your makeup always looks so good! Your nose stripe is go beautiful!

    Good luck with school! I'm not sure what the difference is between a BA and a BFA. I know what it's like to just want to be done. I'm so glad to finally not be in school!!

    1. Thank you XD gawd a bfa has a major tied to it while a ba is more general. I just wanna work ;-; im tired of schoool

  3. Oh wow your hair looks amazing! :D

  4. The lenses look incredibly good on you! If I had brown eyes, I'd try them too for sure;_; but many lenses look plain wrong on my green eyes (especially those with a "harsh" pupil hole)!

    But enough of my complaints and back to the ost: I really like everything about your style :)

    1. The thing with me is that i hope the colours pop up esp with softer shades. I dont venture around with different brands/types because of opaqueness etc lol and thank u. Trying to amp it all up >_<

  5. I've always liked your makeup, even before I became gyaru! (*´ ∀ `*)
    Aaw, it's sad that you had to take off your nails :c!
    I really liked them! ~

    1. My fingers look so stumpy now ;-; but i cant wait to come up with a new design!
      And thank you~

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