Friday, September 7, 2012


First post of the school year on their internet!
heh heh heh


So... I am not ready for this semester, but only two more semesters after this.
I have even gotten an art blog ready, and fixed my tumblr with the help of Moni (kagamaroo) and some other buddies. I usually get too stressed out with making stuff because I want a vanilla (non kinky or fetishy) site for super corporate type of business stuff, and then a site for all my work and such and then I can make business cards.
I over think things and I over complicate stuff, but I hope I can pull it off!

I just hate having a million log ins and sites and such
So yeah... gonna keep working on this stuff and also get home and work on prints and stuff.


  1. You go to school without makeup and fancy hair too! I was starting to feel guilty for not dressing to the tee at school today now I don't xD

    1. Actually, i have one angel eye lashes, contour n liner lololol. Just cant see with derpy webcam pic. But yea, i just went to my school to steall internet and size some prints but just.worked on art blogs. Man, when the finals come, shit gets REAL. Lol i dont even do foundation and i wear jeans alot lol xD

  2. Good luck bb! I know you'll do your best! and I'm the same when it comes to taking my exams in May. I wear veryyyy little makeup lol Its almost shocking XD


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