Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gyaru Get Together 9/29

So Kai , Tori, and Pepa came up to Chicago for a little weekend of fun. I havnt seen Kai in about two years, never met Tori, and Only said hi to Pepa at Acen because we were trying to get to the hotel .

We just ate, and did a little drinking, and catching up and lots of bonding!

My outfit. DIA inspired with a dia belt


Tori and Kai!

tori and sam

me and mama Kai

me corrupting tomos pix lol

awww, poor jimmy lol


me and purin
We bonded so much that night! hopefully we can come up with a nice meet to have some more fun too!

On saturday i got to hang with kevi.

Saturday i just chilled with Kevi , Kai and Tori as Kai and Tori waited for their train home

I hope that it doesnt take me and Kai to reunite with another 2 year gap! lol
the top pic was from two years ago, and us now!

On Monday,just hung with Sam, tomo, Jimmy and Pepa for a lil bit.
just chillin at forever yogurt , waitin on Pepa and Jimmy

This weekend was one of the most fun one I have had in a looong while. Need more of these.!


  1. Ughghgh lisha you are so sexy all the time!!! <3 I always love your coords + make :3 One day I'll try to do my makeup like yours xD

    I want to go visit you gals again ;^;

    1. Oh man, i wish i was sexy all the time xD

      *0* go for it! I wanna try your style of make too!
      And that would be too awesome!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I wish corset training was faster ! ;-;


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