Monday, October 29, 2012

October is drawing to a close

Libra season is over! I think...
I celebrated my 23rd bday by  myself on monday. It wasnt so  bad. Prettu mellow and i had some awesome dessert too, and free beers!
On  friday, i got to chill with sam, tomo, and ashley and got some cute gifts! I can take my lunch with me in style with a cute  lil bento! Pix later for that.

I have been more focused on school and trying to get an online  portfolio ready before i graduate next year. Hard stuff.
Also my doing gal has kind of halted because of the stress, and its not even finals time yet! I also want  to try a vk inspired looks too.
Need to get back into blogging...but  about what?

Also, hi new followers!


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  1. You sound like you had quite the eventful time on your birthday.
    And also, Happy belated birthday, and I love your outfit of the day~


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