Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I am hoping for big changes and lots of happiness. I feel that in this day and age, and in society in general we forget things that makes us happy. True things that makes us happy. The little things. The simple things.

I feel like I know the root of depression and stuff like that (well, atleast for me, and maybe some close people). I feel that there are so many expectations and if you are too different, either you care about them , or you dont. If you are expected by age 23 to have a, b, c, d, etc, and you only have a few of those, you might feel pressured or sad that it didnt happen for you. But damn, that is what someone else says YOU should get. SOMEONE ELSE!

That bit helped me out so much, and I feel like the darkness that would overtake me, has grown so little, just a shadow. I dont have to feel bad about some stuff. It is what it is. I am surviving, that should be good enough. Maybe I like things too simple >: D

But, thinking simply can just get the clutter off your mind. Taking time out for yourself, clearing your mind, etc. Get a grip on things and move on and keep learning.


This week, Moga came to Chicago. I swore the dinner meet we had with tomo and kira*kira and i was was for wedsnesday...but luckily I  wasnt sleep yet, and was able to make it out on monday night . 
I think they took a few better pix than i did -_____-.

On Saturday, I went out with Sam and Ashley. We played Dance Central and a taiko drum game. SO cute!

I am not too coordinated when it comes to instruments but I tried! lol

Ash and I at the art show her friend was hosting.

I have less than a month left for this semester. SO STRESSFUL. I just want to sleep, but I am planning out my time for projects and studying. 
gah... Why cant I make a super awesome clone to go to school for me?


  1. Aww glad you're living life for YOU and no one else...I have a family member that's going through tough times all because she's living up to what her parents have always told her to do with her life. I respect people who do what makes them happy...that's how it always should be no matter what.

    1. old ways sometimes arent the best. >.<
      there are alot of paths out there these days to choose from too.

      its a hard road though, no matter what. just gotta keep my head up

    2. It actually turned out oon bwas different from getting threats and being manipulated into stuff around this time and afterwards from being gullible/socially stupid and maybe being an Aspie.

      Didn’t get to do all I wanted because other people in my circle was upset about me blogging. Didn’t get to try out different opportunities and dulled myself down for the people around me.

      I failed myself and didn’t hold myself to the standards I held for me. But I learned

  2. I am glad things are starting to get better for you, Lisha.I understand how you feel and my mom always seems to be dictating my life even though I'm married. So don't even worry about it, You are doing good. <3 And I'm proud to look up to you.

    1. awww ;-;
      Im trying. Just cant let stress amongst other things make me fall off my path.
      I am glad my grandmotber stopped making me feel bad a while ago because of the college and career path i want to get into (art, illustration). hopefully over time, your mom can see you got a grip on the things u want to do!

    2. That’s sweet of ya but I let myself be too gullible with people who threatened me, were not the best of friends etc. I let myself down falling into their traps and thinking it was ok because we had similar interests. Thinking that maybe they did not mean the things said or done.

      But, this reply was sweet of you.


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