Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sweet Look trial

So, Lolo is a super cutie gyaru that pulls off light,"natural" gal looks so nice!
 I usually only go light for job interviews, or when I am running late to class, but I decided to actually put forth the effort to make a sweet look.
Many of you may recall that I used to lay on my eyeliner pretty thick and bold! Even Rio said my face looked naked in the sweet looks.


Here is my sweet eye make style:

no liner, just lashes
i think i used celeb eye and a half of nudy lash for the bottom

Top liner and shadow + glamorous lash and half of nudy eye lash

top liner and half way bottom liner and shadow+ cats eye with a half wing for length, nudy eye plus a cut up lash from the beauty supply. 

These aren't in order AT ALL, but some different styles I was messing around with.

The only thing is, I don't dress "cute". Either casual or a more bold crazy sexy style.... Not sure what to do if I want to do sweet looks more often. O.o;;


  1. OMG!!! すぱくわいい! Great Job. And I agree with you on how Lolo pulls of natural gal so well. Anyways, back to the main point. Awesome Job!! :D

    1. thank you :D i am going to try some different techniques hopefully

  2. I'm glad you posted this! You look very beautiful
    I didn't know we could something simple without lashes at times- I've tried this and get yelled at =3=;

    1. i actually have lashes on in all the pix. top and bottom ones, some just show up a tad bit lighter than other pairs of lashes i use. maybe ill type in what pairs i am using too D;

  3. That last pic <3 ^^ too cute! I gotta try it out next spring...I'm nore heavy with my make up toward a/w seasons. This kinda inspired me to give it a genuine shot next year :)

    1. I never thought about the seasons and make up... I feel bold for summer for sure. Maybe because i used to go all out during my manba days lol.
      try it!! i will love to see!!

  4. you look so sweet and innocent in that first picture.


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