Thursday, February 28, 2013

Catch Up

I have been super busy and totally forgot to post pictures up for valentines!  Being a member of Gal*luxy, I had a theme blog post for my gyaru sa, Gal*luxy to share with other gals around the world how we spend our time with our loved ones. Whether they are friends, friends we treat as our own family, family, or our lovers.

Here were some of my picture that I did not upload of my Chicago based gyaru sisters.

We shared a light snack before we got to some light core partying.
You can check out our gyarusa's blog about what we did for Valentine's day here!
I hope you enjoy!

I also have been becoming a bit more organized due to working in an office setting. gah... It can be a little stressful but I think I have been keeping up with my planners...

For my personal (gyaru/school) life, I am trying to use school as my way to dress more gyaru like. Sometimes I am pretty casual with my look (band shirt and jeans, but I think that with my hair looking a bit styled and with a full face of makeup and lashes, I feel more passable these days. ;)

As for gal mags, I bought Edge*s and Ageha. Ageha is as photoshopped and glittery as ever, and Edge*s has some nice style inspiration. I have been trying to get into more styles that will reflect a cool, sassy, alternative, mature for myself when I am not kicking it with my gal sisters.

I also got a gift too yesterday that cheered me up! Sanrio goodies from a cutie pie! I am a S U C K E R for Kuromi goods!

Also doing a different hair regiment as well! No more relaxers!


March Gal*luxy meet


  1. I really love the red lips on you!! So perfect!!

  2. you always look amazing! i love edge's! that rienda bag became my temp work bag XD

    1. thank you! i am trying harder for a revamped style these days! and i store some of my gal mags in there!


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