Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013-03-05 to 03-08

On Saturday, Purin and her boyfriend and my partner chilled at Mitsuwa. It was pretty fun, and we dressed up despite the cold! I found some cosplayers who I hope to see at Acen too.

Thank you for letting me take your photo!

Sweet Purin and Tough Lisha

At the food court~

You can also check out her post for this day here.

Sunday, Purin and I had a photoshoot with a friend, David of DSA Photography. It was a very cute themed shoot! It was a first for David to do something with a lighter theme, and it was my first time doing a little art directing and helping with the photos and such.

Monday night, I and my partner got dressed up to go to a Muse concert. He got us vip tickets, and it was a very exciting experience! Simply put, Muse was awesome. I have not heard a lot of music from them since I was in high school, so seeing them at the United Center with all the fog and people was mind blowing.

I really wish I could have gotten a good pic of my outfit! oh well. It was just a corset, and black shiny look leggings.

Also, I have a kind of big blog post about my gal journey and my thoughts! I hope my readers will like it. :)


  1. omg amazing as always <3
    you're my hero! :3

    1. thank you! i am trying harder to create new stuff or atleast fresh passable coords LOL


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