Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm up super late working on a portfolio piece for class. I have been really studying and working on quite a bit of projects and assignments that I feel will be a nice example of how I have grown as a person and as an artist. I just really cannot wait for the March gyaru meet for Midwest gals to wind down a bit.

Thinking on it, it seems like a long time since when I wanted to be in Colulu Lovelies and got into Diamond Gyaru sa instead. A longer time when Black*Cherry was born with Tomo, La, Murphy and myself in a Chipotle in Oak Park Chicago. An even longer time when I first saw the FIRST Chicago based gyaru sa, Kamikaze, with Tomo, La, and Murphy, and wanted to be in them when I first became a gyaru back in around 2007.

The scene seemed so different to me, and was not just about girls dressing a certain way for just attention, but the want to connect to other gals and have FUN.

I can go on about this, but maybe it will have to be for another time.

I also am practicing my photoshop skills, and asked Rii of Utsukushii Gal blog to edit one of her photos. I admired her style back in the day, and I think she has matured into a beautiful mature gal!
I saw her recent photos even had that sweet, mature look I see in mags like Blenda or Jelly. So I wanted to mess around with one of her pictures, and make them look as if she were in one of those magazines. I always liked to mess around with photo editing and try to produce a nice effect or image. I hope you guys and gals will like it! And I hope she does too!!

I should be sleeping soon~

Good Night~


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  3. SO looking forward to the result!

    And thank you so much for the kind words, this really means a lot to me! ♥


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