Sunday, June 30, 2013

3:57am~ chi-gal diariez

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Made an Ad for Purin and i's ANIME EXPO trip 

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We are going to be Golds Infinity Shop Staff at Anime Expo! I am excited to meet MichiNinoshka, and a whole bunch of other gals too while I am there.

Black Diamondなんで?でも、今年にAngeleekのメンバーは??カンパスサーミットないか?あたしの夢はAngeleekに入ってえた。2007年に思ったよ。でも、日本語が本当に下手だった。

Whats A Black Diamond? And what happened to the Angeleek members? Or Campus Summit? It was my dream to be in Angeleek back in 2007. But, my Japanese was bad, and now I still don't know a lot of words. But... I try.

Before college, I wanted friends , even around the world, but, I am shy and I wasn't too pretty back then. hahaha. but now? A few years ago I was accepted into Diamond gal sa,and my style improved a bit.

B*C 1st Gen

そして、Black Cherryのギャルサーを作った。スタイルとへアメイクETCはたくさん練習したwwwwたくさんパラパラをしてた(笑)新しいギャルファンとギャルにさがしていた!新しい人を会った。
Then, we (me la, tomo, and murphy) made Black Cherry. I was still practicing my style (hair, make up, clothes), and I para'd a lot! (laughs). I met a lot of people during that time.
hard core huh?

前には、さびしかった。本当に恥ずかしかった。でも、色々人に会た。Dj SiSen,もっとDjな2人、Vocaloidな女。。。。
Even though at times I was sad or lonely, or shy, I was able to meet people like Sisen, a few Japanese Djs from Japan at acen, And Yuu, the voice of a cute Vocaloid character. Being dressed up sure helped me a lot, and even dressing up differently, or noticing someones make up or nails, seemed to be a nice ice breaker, too!
Because I liked gal and other fashion, I became less and less shy, and a bit more outgoing.


i guess.... its a bit difficult maybe...

I wanna make more art and a short film....
mini self portrait

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