Monday, June 10, 2013

Art Exhibit and Shopping Day with Purin!

Saturday, I missed my mentor's Bday, but I networked and got an interview for a documentary about being a black gyaru, nerd, and artist with my Big sis Ashley Woods! I always wanted my art up and around Chicago, and also the world, so people can  see what I can do and what I choose to express. I wore a corset earlier at the showing, and I was pretty nervous talking about myself! I tend to talk in circles or talk too much, but I hope it ends up nice!


Ashley Woods drawing of Cammy!
dat ass.

I dressed a bit more daring for a little dinner with Phil to chill with his friend and just chat about random stuff. I wish I had a nice belt to match up with my outfit though,but I actually suck at belt buying. 

Sunday morning!

Went for a ponytail look today! My inspiration was Rikku from Final Fantasy10s with a lil bit of Cocona lol

 I went shopping with gyaru sister Purin! This was our first time shopping together, and we found some awesome stuff! I have not had a chance to shop because of hardcore budgeting lately, and not feeling what is in shops like Charlotte Russe or WetSeal. But, I was able to snag an AWESOME sale though!

me in sneakers?! but i think they are super cute though

Found a cute lil Betsey phone case!!! SO CUTE.
So frivolous! 

We all went out to eat at Hana in Skokie. It is such a beautiful place to grab a bite! 

Purin, Phil and I were discussing plans and goals for this year! Especially for not only ourselves, but for the gals in America to enjoy Chicago!

plz credit back


Purins Tofu X Bamboo Shoot X broccoli dish!

Oppa's Walnut Shrimp

Afterwards, I got to help screw in screws on a door. I love working on things, and I found my new fave tool! 

A1 White dress for a work party! クラブの白いドレス
A2 Black dress for night time 夜の黒いドレス
A3 Cute baggy shirt! tシャツ

A. Steve Madden Shades (so cute!!) 可愛いサングラス
B. bracelets
C. cute case to store my shades in my bag. Suggested by Purin! (thank u!) サングラスケース
D. Lotion! ロション!
E. Cute stickers for nails ;P 可愛いシール
F. Betsey phone case. Frivolous, but very cute! ケイタイポッケト

I can't shop too much because I have to budget for my trip in July!! 


  1. Aah, shame you missed your mentor's Bday, but congrats on the networking. Can't wait to hear how that goes. I wish you luck with the documentary!

    1. thank you! i get really nervous about that type of thing, but my friends were there! and that was fun!! I hope my mentor didnt mind too much though!

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  3. Well I have to say it out loud finally.
    You're my favourite gaijin gyaru, best of the best. You're soooo cute and sexy and the same time! :3 You're my inspiration!

    1. Thank you Madame Chaos! ;___; I try and just do something different each time and see what i can come up with. its like gambling with my closet lol :D

  4. Replies
    1. thank you! i changed them up, and are going to decorate them later. I cant wait to do more nail sets.

  5. Your style is really on point, I love the nails.

    1. thank you! I feel like its almost there. lol. i want to try out more stuff, and i hope you'll like it too!!


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