Friday, June 7, 2013

Make Up vs No make!!

It is kind of amusing, this world, that if one always wears make up (if it is a bit more than "natural" make up) they are being "fake" or if they do not wear anything at all, they are "ugly". Or some people act like the world is going to fall apart if a girl who usually looks very pretty (from wearing some to a lot of make up), doesn't wear anything at all! 

A friend of mine sent me this video of Ms. Izumi Mana where people had made some big deal of her when she posted a photo with her make up on. 

Izumi Mana with out make up

For me, its like, BIG DEAL? But, when you are in the spot light all the time, when all eyes are on you and what you wear and how you dress helps solidify your identity (or part of it), I guess for some audience members, it is a big deal. However, they have to realize, that these idols, celebrities, make up gurus, adult stars, models, etc and so on, are people too and they are not "perfect" all the time.

Here are some more make and no make shots:

a three gal, three step process:
no make up, foundation+brows, then full face
Popular models before and after

How lashes and eyeliner can change the shape of the eye.

property of Leona J. Perine and please credit if used
My before and after. derp derp derp. 

I would have taken some of the Western gals before and after, but I kind of just rushed with this post, and didn't want to show off the pix without their permission.

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  1. Can a person just NOT want to do their face up for one day and take a rest? You're right, these people are human too.

    For me...the amount I make myself up depends on how "in character" i want to be...but i dont think I would enjoy it half as much if I HAD to do it or would get flack if i were caught barefaced =/

    Personally, I love before and afters...cause then you can see just how much great application can really do for a person's look!

    1. Exactly, Onjel. I dont do much to my face when it comes time to buckle down for finals. Im not super famous or well known, and some people might take notice of me being barefaced and eyebrowless, but I like it better that way. I would not want people freaking out over nothing because I dont have the time or dont want to waste make up. And also HAVING to do it (unless you just want to of course!)takes the fun out of things!!

      I love before and afters too! :D

  2. I love seeing before and afters because it really helps inspire me and I'd also like to give a little FYI that I LOVE your piercings!! XD I wish more gals would wear them (if they want them or have them) and not think that they're too "ugly" or "not gyaru" because I'm into Rokku and Edgy fashion and can't WAIT to get all the piercings I've been wanting~

    1. Thank you Momo! I remember when people gave others crap about piercings and tattoos, probably because they stuck to Popteen or more softer or adult style of gals, and didnt even bother to check out the more wilder or edgier ones.

      I love piercings and body mod, so i rock my piercings hard, lol :D

      I cant wait to see what piercings you are going to get!! I want some tattoos


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