Thursday, February 27, 2014


Yup. I am a perfectionist. It sucks. Trying to get things right and knowing they won't be is a HASSLE. It also stifled a lot of creative time in and around my life and I feel like I am catching up in a marathon where people are already 3 miles ahead! Mr. Turner suggested to me in so many words that I should just *do*. It is hard because I feel that I should be able to churn out stuff and like it. =___=

I am wayyy too hard on myself and trying not to be. I've been that way all my life, and it has held me back because I stop a lot of things that I want to do. I am out of college, and getting my head right for my career, and building my dreams.  I have gotten a bit better over the past few months and have been feeling a little better lately, like stones being slowly cracked off. Like I can breathe a little better, and it feels a bit like taking chains off.

I should have added an older pic of me!
I have a lot of things floating in my head that I want to get on paper... But mostly, I want this snow GONE. It is still cold in Chicago. wtf!!! Its a few days from March and its going to be at 0degrees again. -_-
I just want to shop. Update a lot of things, get supplies, shoes, camera, etc. Need to look spiffy as a college grad. :p  And start up some more things.

Things seem to go by so slowly. Driving me crazy. Maybe I am just overlooking some things.

Besides all of that, Gal VIP has a ParaPara contest!
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