Thursday, April 24, 2014

R.I.P. Ageha...and Almost Everything Else

Soooo, every gal and their momma has been talking about the publisher of Ageha, Aneageha, I love Mama, and NUTS being so in debt, 3 billion yen, and the deaths of the beloved mags.The debt deal that the publisher incurred is beyond ridiculous! It sucks. It really does, but with certain styles dying down, people who did the styles like agejo growing older, it is no surprise. Also no surprise that the media is picking and choosing what it wants to show.

While others seem to be freaking out, im just here like:

I had already taken a hard hit when Soul Sister died. I wanted to collect as many magazines as possible when I had some better income coming in. And now that I kinda do (at least before career related things...) now Ageha has jumped the ship. 

Okies.... I can deal... Hopefully people won't jack up their prices on ebay when I search for issues I want.

But then, Egg has decided to call it quits too? 


So, what am I going to collect now? Or peep through when I visit Mitsuwa? What about the beloved Animal Talk and the silly cute illustrations? Maybe things will pop back up for the magazines. Even though I loved looking at the magazines, it was there for a reason. To help showcase styles and current fashion trends and what the stores were selling at the moment.
As I am in America, some of the items just did not fully apply because there were not a lot of Gyaru fashion being exported from Japan for Western Gyaru lovers. Now, things have changed thanks to shopping services and Not only that, but around the time I started, a lot of the gyaru found their items in their local shops and did the best they could! 

While people emulate what they see in magazine, I feel that the gyaru subculture here might not improve or grow JUST because the mags are not there! BOOO. There has already been girls dismissing the crazier styles because the magazines didn't show them, so I can only speculate what will happen if the mags never resurface. 

Hey... I may be wrong though.
But for now, we play the waiting game.


  1. I understand what you mean and I feel the pain of all western gyarus :( :( :( I LOOOOOVED Soul Sister so much, I got all the volumes I could get on HMV Japan and the final volume when I was in Tokyo. So sad it died. And now NUTS is going too, which was another of my favorites. What are we going to have to turn to for gal now? Sad sad sad...

    1. Though the mags will be gone, Gal blogs and street snaps will have to suffice. Its not a physical thing though but it would help with some inspiration.

  2. Wow, Egg is being discontinued too? The thing I worry about the most isn't just the lack of fashion inspiration, but the hairstyles. Ageha and Egg had hairstyles you just couldn't find in any other magazine. They were over-the-top and so much bigger, even the more subdued ones. I'm not really sure where one can display such styles in any other magazine! I just hope that vvshu never goes down, at least I can check out all the scans there....


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