Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I Want

I have gotten asked "What do you want?" "What do you want to do?"  for quite a bit. And it used to throw me off, to actually be asked face to face ( not in a negative way) for something. To actually have a hook be there to fish things out of my mind, and the thoughts swim away a la Zelda fishing mini game.

I grew up with the mindset that if I wanted something, I work hard to get it by myself. And that maybe I would mysteriously wind up where I want to work and it would be awesome! Maybe it was a blind way to live,and no one is a mind reader...

Nothin too overboard or fancy, but I like it. :p
But now I realize after a lot of thinking,and three grapefruit shots later, that I do not live on an island by myself ! :O!! (I don't think I can knit myself a functional car or a house.....) Also I cannot do a lot of things by myself in this world, and that total isolation from people sucks! I have also learned that working with people can be a lot of fun too!
All I know right now at this hour... is that there is a ton of ideas floating in my head of mine, I want to be living my dream career, that Cali is calling my name again, and that the Nissan Altima looks pretty damn good to me right now!!

Check out my dream car! And fancy site design too!

Here are some other cars I have been looking at.

I just need to learn how to drive is all...

Ciao Ciao!


  1. I love nissian! I got the sentra and I love it!

    1. :D :D nice!! I cannot wait to get my first car! Not looking forward to traffic and buying gas though! lol


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