Monday, August 25, 2014

Infinity Loop + err0r

I saw one of my past French Teachers on Thursday! It's been about 7 or so years of being in his class. My French has gotten so rusty over the years.C'est Mal!! I even forgot how to reintroduce myself in the heat of the moment. It was sad. He told me to keep working hard and all that. It was great, but it hurt because I feel like I am getting nowhere right now, even though I feel like I am just still running around in circles with everything.

I have been getting good advice from friends and mentors lately. Its like a pep talk or one of those huddles before you do your thing or play football! I get lost in my daydreams of ye olden days, and I get pretty out of it which is no use at all in this world.

SO!!~ I did the thing. I made another mini video for Youtube. I wore my graduation Nekomimi! I get bored in my room sometimes and start doin stuff.

I would have loved to actually wear a nurse uniform for this.... but oh well. Maybe next time, right?
I wanted to tell a story between robots/androids. One is aware that the other is malfunctioning, but the one that is, isn't.

And, even though all this stuff about doll people or whatever thats in right now... nah. I prefer catgirls and robots! Which totally takes me back to my old online gaming and Apocryfa ones too. 

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