Friday, August 22, 2014


So much to process lately, and this might be long so.... grab a snack!

This past week has been a lil crazy. Maybe its just me...  Just trying to get out of this rut I've been stuck in for a bit. Being in a rut when you are trying to be productive and get things done and not stall (ehhh...)... gahh.... its no good at all...

pic courtesy of Sandra
Levitation powers!

Saturday I made a new piece of art for a new cafe. I hope they do well! Sandra met me up there, and I also saw some of my buddies too! I also went to Soundbar in the loop to dance. I wore super tall high heels, and I think I did pretty ok in them. heh heh heh. But makes me sad because I want to do some major shoe shopping! ;-;

The weekend was mostly just chilling. No working or trying to do something productive which was nice. Ok... maybe I still did some thinking.  ヽ(*・ω・)ノhehehe

On Tuesday, I got to watch this movie called Lucy  with a classmate from some years ago! I think I was a freshman or sophomore at that time when we met. I had wanted to see the movie from some months ago when the trailers were out. I really liked the concept of using more parts of your brain than you normally do. (sadly, its a myth...) And someone being able to be of the universe more than just acting within it. Anyways...

The movie was pretty badass. Choi Min Sik, the guy who played Oh Daesu in Oldboy was in it too! Even though tumblr people were upset about some possible racial things of the movie, I think they were going a bit overboard in a way. OMG WHITE GIRL KILLING ASIANS. But did you realize the location of the movie at all? I do get it a bit though, Asians are stereotypically the bad guys in these films in the USA. Oh well. I guess it will take America more time to let go of the B.S. in films etc.


  1. I saw Lucy, it was horrible. Also, it was a French film, shot in France by French director Luc Besson.

    1. Hi Nessa!
      I wonder if I can watch the French version some time soon then!


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