Friday, February 3, 2017

Mini Makeup Haul

I haven't done a lot of hauls after post college it seems, but here is another one.
I went shopping one day, and decided to grab a few things to try out.
I usually use brow pencils for my brows but decided to dip my toe into the magical world of eyebrow makeup! I missed the brow mascara craze back in 2011 or so when some gyaru would use it on their brows.

gyaru makeup haul, Chicago gyaru Lisha tries new stuff ,e.l.f.

I tried out e.l.f.'s brow kit from Target. Though at times I can't get a very clean cut look with my brows like the pics on Instagram, the kit does a decent job. On no foundation and minimal makeup days, my brows look pretty natural and I'm happy.

Now on to the eyebrow shaping kit... I am not pleased. The scissors are ok at best and a little clumsy, the brush is too stiff and I just have no use for the comb. The attachment to the scissors weren't beneficial at all so they were tossed. The tweezers didn't provide enough grip and I ended up using them for lash application. Thank goodness I have a pair of tweezers that work or I'd be s.o.l.
Until next time! 

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