Tuesday, October 11, 2011

lazor tag and a beautiful bride (personal)

So i decided to wait til i got pix from BOTH Moga's bachelorette party and the wedding lol.

warning! this post contains ALOT of images!

My face:

we had lollipops for this special occasion! 

there's no right way to eat them!!

the girls who had tattoos started to show them off!
I felt sooo out of place!
But I will get a tattoo eventually

cig break

height difference!! lol
with monchi!

cig face 1

cig face 2

cig face 3

cheese, buffalo chicken, and veggie.
this pizza... was soooo good

group pic!!

ready for battle!
we look so damn badass! lol
we went lazor tagging! OMFG
it was awesome!
i also lost a diamond glamorous top lash in the midst of battle.


black cherry reunion~

derp <3

i whip my hurr~ 

lol at tomo's bf


long service
newly weds!
good luck and much love to you two!

B*C reunion with X member Tomo showing Mogi and Jason our support and love

after the ceremony, we ate and drank!! whooo!
and there was also dancing too :>

Because of the school year and also Mogi and Juli getting the wedding stuff out the way, this was like our first couple of meets back together!
and what a meet/event it was 


  1. omg you seriously look like a goddess... your skin tone daaaaaamn!!!!!!!!! ;_; im seriously jealous!

  2. Sounds like a good time! And I love your hair in these shots! How do you do it???

    Thanks for sharing~ ^ ^

  3. @monica thank you. :D the power of decent lighting and foundationnn! XD

    @ chrissie the first one is a wig!
    in the wedding shots, its my bangs plus a wig for length :D

  4. wow.You are very beautiful.I am so much love with your unique style.
    Follow each other .


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