Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CT Me2

Jade had hit me up on Sunday to see if I wanted to head to Chinatown for dinner.
I decided to wear a dress Mogi gave me. I usually don't wear florals, but its nice to try out and see if  i liked it or if it suits me!

outfit shot by Jade!

Jade looked super cute in her sailor themed outfit! 
I think it looked cute on her! 

When we met up, we decided on My Place for dinner. She had a veggie ramen, and I, a teriyaki beef dish .
yowza! i look like  a ghostttt!

Afterwards, we decided on Brando's Speakeasy for drinks! The music was a downer and was killing our mood until they played more upbeat musics.
We had our girly chat time, chatting about boys and things like that.
I had a nice night out on Sunday and also tried out some new candy too!

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