Saturday, July 26, 2014

B-b-but... You're Black!!!

Every so often, after however many months float by, similar questions always pop up in groups dedicated to gyaru fashion. These questions and concerns are not even limited to that niche group either. Even til this day, and maybe even for many years, it will still be a concern for Black people or POC who choose to express themselves beyond what is deemed "normal" for us. Even beyond hobbies and fashion.

Yes, people will wonder why you are into something that is not Afrocentric or considered "Black" or appropriate for Black people to do.
There is a huge world with a lot of things in it. Why limit yourself?

Yes, even our own people will wonder why we aren't acting or dressing "Black".
Being "loud" and or "ghetto" are the only ways we can be in this day and age?

Yes, people will probably think that you are ghetto for dressing differently or having unnatural shades in your hair.
Black people just can't win sometimes with some people!

Yes, people will think that Black people cannot be cute or kawaii, listen to things outside of rap or hip hop. Or shouldn't do anything beyond what is expected of us.
See above.

It sucks, it really does. But, are you going to let a few people and their shitty comments keep you from dressing like a Kawaii Cutie or Fabulous Gal? This even extends to the Cosplay community, or any community where Black people or POC want to branch off into.

Junko and Junji-Los Angeles

Miyabi-North Carolina

Amber-New York

So, gal, lolita, cosplay n00b$, if people try to mock you or say mean things to you because you are black and trying to do your thing, you get those doubts playing in your head over and over, pay them no mind, and rock your shit!

Go check out the tags with Black Lolita/Cosplayers/Gyaru and be inspired. 

Much thanks to those who submitted their pictures or let me use them!


  1. I'm glad you made this post ♥ No one should ever feel held back from the styles and hobbies they love just because of their skin! In fact, they should feel more encouraged because they're showing a range of diversity and difference in a style or cosplay that is desperately needed! I love seeing POC versions of cosplays, and I love even more to find POC gals to follow and take inspiration from. Most of my western gal influences are POC and I like that more are trying out the style too!

    1. Thank you for enjoying this post, Kassidy! Perhaps, depending on where the person lives, or who interacts with them negatively, it can be tough for that person to want to enjoy their hobby. I know this post won't be the end all be all to newcomers asking questions if others have encountered negative remarks due to skin colour or ethnicity, but I hope it gives young girls some inspiration and courage if they find this or other posts and inspirational pix!

      Thank you again for reading!

  2. I loved this post. I love Japanese fashion and it's always an issue if I express that...Mainly the whole "why are you tryna be Asian?" or "You definitely want to be Asian" talks. It's so annoying that I got to the point where I'd just wear
    "normal" clothes/makeup so I wouldn't have to deal with being annoyed. However, after going through a period of time where I stopped doing all of the things I like, I ddon't feel that way anymore. Sometimes we're damned if we do/damned if we don't but I'd rather be happy. And it is important, especially for black girls, to have ALL kinds of representation so that we become more comfortable with developing positive relationships with ourselves.

    1. OH YEA. I forgot about that one! ("Why are you trying to be Asian") Why does liking different things result in us wanting to not be who we are?

      I am glad you are back on track with doing what you love, Onjel! I think you also gave me a bit of inspiration for a new post!


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